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WATCH: Eli and Peyton Manning Break Down the 5 D’s of Dodgeball in Hilarious Video

by Dustin Schutte
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(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

The Manning brothers are taking a page out of Patches O’Houlihan’s book. As Peyton and Eli prepare for the upcoming Pro Bowl festivities, they needed to get re-acquainted with the rules of dodgeball.

This year, the Pro Bowl is taking a fun approach to the annual All-Star event. Not only will there be a flag football game, but there will be eight “challenges” players compete in. One of those includes dodgeball.

Should be fun, right?

But before guys just start launching, Peyton and Eli wanted to remind them of the five “Ds” of dodgeball: Dodge, dip, duck, dive and … of course … dodge.

The Manning brothers put together this hilarious video to share the information for the event. Even the two former NFL stars couldn’t get through it without laughing.

If this video provides us any indication, then the dodgeball game should be incredibly fun. And probably hilarious, too.

This year, Peyton and Eli are coaching the two teams in the Pro Bowl. Peyton will take the AFC while Eli leads the NFC.

NFL Announces Eight Competitions for Pro Bowl

The Pro Bowl is taking a different approach this season, hoping to draw viewer interest in the event. This year, the competitions run from Feb. 2-5, which includes eight challenges and the flag football game.

Here are the eight competitions for the Pro Bowl:

  • Dodgeball
  • Precision passing
  • Longest drive (golf)
  • Best catch (similar to the NBA’s slam dunk contest)
  • Gridiron gauntlet race (side-by-side speed and agility race)
  • Kick, Tac, Toe
  • Move the chains (weighted wall pull)
  • 3-part “Lightning Round” (splash catch, high stakes, thrill of the spill)

Some fans love the change of pace, while others seem less than impressed. There were plenty of reactions on social media.

“Strongest arm? Strongest player? Fastest player? I’m not tryna see golf swings man,” one fan wrote on Twitter. Another added, “Can we just get the old school QB Challenge back? That was always a fun watch.”

Not all the comments turned out negative.

“I’m kinda here for this… would like to see longest throw and fastest man added,” one fan tweeted. Another chimed in, “Just do these fun games and forget flag football.”

The NFL is adding a level of intrigue to the Pro Bowl. We’ll see whether it’s a huge hit or if it comes up short.