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WATCH: Fight Breaks Out Between Bills, Dolphins, Ends in Hilarious Fashion

by Jonathan Howard
Bills Dolphins play AFC Wild Card game
(Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images)

The Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins got into a bit of a scrap during the first half on Sunday. Josh Allen threw an interception and then got to shoving. The NFL quarterback had been almost perfect all day. Then, he tossed this INT and let it get to him.

Josh Allen got involved in the play after the interception. Then he got to pushing and shoving with a Dolphins defender. Well, that made the Bills offensive line get involved. The big boys pushed the Miami player to the ground rather hard.

You know what happened next – the players that weren’t involved sprinted to get involved and a whole mess ensued. However, it was hilarious to see Dion Dawkins grab a Dolphins helmet and refuse to give it back.

The OT made sure he had his quarterback’s back on the field.

The Buffalo Bills were in control of the Dolphins for most of the first half. One mistake and they were ready to throw hands. It’s a tense situation when you’re in the playoffs, I get it. But that was uncharacteristic of Josh Allen. He’ll have to avoid getting caught up in that sort of thing moving forward.

I just love the pettiness of all of it. Allen walking away after he started the whole thing, Dawkins taking the helmet, the refs just shrugging and giving offsetting penalties – it’s perfect.

Miami was able to capitalize and kick another field goal. It put the Dolphins at a 17-6 disadvantage to the Bills.

Josh Allen Gets New Nickname During Bills, Dolphins

It’s hard to tell, but Josh Allen might have earned a new nickname today. Tony Romo loves the Bills quarterback. Really, he’ll root for just about any QB. But watching a talent like Allen is something different. He got up to his usual magic in the red zone and Romo was floored.

In short, Romo thinks that Josh Allen is “Mr. January.” Now, I’m willing to entertain this idea. He’s absolutely devastating in the passing game. He can trick you with his legs when you least expect it. His throws can be dropped on a dime.

It looks like he’s had one mistake today with the interception. However, based on what we have seen from the BIlls in the first half, they might not worry too much about that this time. The Dolphins can’t generate a lot of offense without Tua Tagovailoa.

Josh “Mr. January” Allen?