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WATCH: Giants, Eagles Stopped Following Chain Gang Mishap

by Jonathan Howard
NFL chains in refs hand
(Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images)

The NFL Divisional Round matchup between the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles has been delayed…because the chain gang. That’s right. There has been a problem with the chains and now the game has to be delayed until they can fix it.

Whoever was in charge of putting these up last week must have done something wrong. This officiating crew has had some trouble getting everything worked out. It’s just so strange. The Eagles scored on the Giants. But soon we had some problems.

Players waited around as the chain gang attempted to get it all sorted. You just never expect to see this during a game, let alone a playoff game.

This should never happen on an NFL sideline. Let’s be honest. These things need to be worked out in the pregame, right? While the players warm up, the chain gang needs to get their chains in order.

It didn’t seem to matter for the Philadelphia Eagles. Philly is putting up points early against New York and hasn’t looked back. After the chain gang mishap, Jalen Hurts and his offense drove down the field and scored again, putting them up 14-0.

It really helps when you have weapons like DeVonta Smith, A.J. Brown, and Dallas Goedert. Saquon Barkley and Daniel Jones are going to have to get things turned around soon if they hope to keep up.

Eagles Control Giants Early On

The first quarter was all Philly. They were able to put up 127 yards of offense. Established some of the rushing game early on to go along with Hurts and his passes. Meanwhile, the Eagles held the Giants to less than 100 yards total in that first quarter.

A missed fourth down conversion really put the Giants in a bad spot. They had a chance to extend their possession and it just fell flat. That helped the Eagles set up good field position and do what they do best, score points.

If the Giants aren’t able to take on the Eagles offensively tonight, it could be a long one. This season has been a bit of a surprise for New York. A win over one of their rivals in the playoffs would be massive for this team and fanbase.