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WATCH: Giants Locker Room Celebration Goes Viral After Upsetting Vikings in NFC Wild Card Game

by Jonathan Howard
Giants players celebrate Wild Card win
(Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)

If you want to get hype this morning, then the New York Giants have you covered. They were going wild after their upset over the Vikings. A lot of people expected this Giants team to fall in Minnesota in the NFL Wild Card round. Even on the road, they were too much to handle.

Sometimes, we get to see videos from the locker room. They can range from blurry and muffled to amazing and exciting. This video is the latter. You can just feel the energy in the room, and if I was the Philadelphia Eagles, I’d be a little nervous.

Oh, and the video is made perfect with the addition of a big hat from Kayvon Thibodeaux.

Fans of the Giants are happy to see videos like this in the locker room and not photo shoots on a yacht somewhere. It always feels more fun when the Giants are playing well in the playoffs. Let’s see if they can keep the dream alive.

Facing off against the Eagles, things only get tougher from here. But if Daniel Jones throws for 300+ yards and doesn’t have any turnovers, the Giants could beat anyone.

Giants Offense Was Rolling

Watching last night’s game between the Giants and the Vikings, it was impressive to watch the offense do its thing. Of course, they gave up 24 points on defense, but the Giants were putting points on the board whenever they needed to.

One thing that was shocking was seeing Daniel Jones at the top of the rushing totals. He had more yards on his feet than Saquon Barkley had all night. Jones’ 78 yards were a big help to New York’s efforts.

Once the game ended, the Giants players were losing it out on the field. The locker room celebration got started before they were even in the locker room. Speaking of Thibodeaux and his big hat earlier, the rookie was getting busy at midfield after the win. Hitting the griddy across the Vikings’ logo is the perfect way to send Minnesota out of the playoffs.

The Giants will take on the Eagles next Saturday at 8:15 PM EST. We’ll see if Jalen Hurts and Philly can do what the Vikings couldn’t.