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WATCH: Jerry Jones Gives Brett Maher a Pregame Talk After Kicking Issues Continue in Warmups

by Dustin Schutte
brett maher kicking field goal
(Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)

Brett Maher is coming off a nightmare performance in the NFC Wild Card game. During last Monday’s Cowboys-Buccaneers game, the kicker missed four of his five extra point attempts, infuriating, fans, teammates and even Peyton Manning.

But it’s just a one-game thing, right? Maher will certainly get things figured out for this weekend’s NFC Divisional Round matchup with the 49ers, won’t he? The pregame warmups didn’t provide much confidence that Maher is back to his usual self.

Maher struggled during pregame warmups at Levi’s Stadium. You know what that got him? A little pregame pep talk from owner Jerry Jones.

We have no idea what was said, but as the Cowboys hope to return to a Super Bowl, Jones probably wanted to encourage his kicker. We’ll see if Jones’ words get through to the kicker.

If Maher struggles as much as he did last week, there will be a lot of unhappy Cowboys fans out there.

49ers Take Issue with Brett Maher’s Pregame Warmup

Before the 49ers and Cowboys took the field for the NFC Divisional Round matchup, players hit the turf for their pregame routine. Apparently, San Francisco didn’t take too kindly with Brett Maher’s ritual.

Whether or not the 49ers were actually upset with Maher — or just trying to play mind games with the struggling kicker — is up for debate.

Who could blame the Niners for trying to get a leg up (pun intended)? Maher missed four of his five PAT tries a week ago, leaving four points on the field. And in the playoffs, you’ll take anything you can get.

San Francisco’s players stood in the way of Maher, disrupting his operation. Eventually, they allowed him to continue his pregame warmups.

All eyes are going to be on Maher during Sunday’s game. He can’t really afford to have another disastrous night.