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WATCH: Patrick Mahomes Loses It on the Sideline When Forced to go to Locker Room After Injury

by Jonathan Howard
Patrick Mahomes prepares to pass
(Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images)

Just when we thought that Patrick Mahomes was going to tough it out and keep playing, the Chiefs quarterback was sent to the locker room. The team trainers likely forced him to do it. Arden Key got rolled up on his foot, and Mahomes came up limping.

You just know that Patrick Mahomes is a fierce competitor. He wants to win no matter what. Mahomes was going to take the snaps whether his team wanted him to or not. That’s what he does. He plays to win.

That’s probably why he didn’t like that he was sent to the locker room during the second quarter.

The NFL Playoffs are the time to step up. That’s what Patrick Mahomes is attempting to do by playing through his injury. However, his team has to think about what is best for them and possibly, for the next round. When you’re the Chiefs you can do that. The Jags, not so much.

Right now, Jacksonville has to be licking their hops. This is a perfect time to take advantage of the backup quarterback, Chad Henne. He’s older and slower, he can’t do nearly what Mahomes does on the field. But, there are many other weapons on that offense to be used.

Patrick Mahomes Limps Back on The Field Before Evaluation

What is most impressive about Patrick Mahomes is seeing him take snaps after the ankle injury happened. Henne needed time to warm up and Mahomes wasn’t coming off. So, he was able to get a few snaps in as the quarter ended, and limped severely through all of them. Then, when the second quarter came around, he was relegated back to the bench as soon as possible.

Jacksonville gave up a field goal to the weakened Mahomes before he was taken off the field and sent to the locker room. After he returned from the locker room, the NBC sideline reporter confirmed he had a tighter wrap job on his ankle than before.

One has to wonder if Kansas City will try its best to win this game with Henne. Sit Mahomes and keep him as healthy as possible if you are able to make it out of this game with the win and into next week.