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WATCH: Stefon Diggs Discovers Power Slap Competition on TV, Hilarity Ensues

by Daniel Morrison
Stefon Diggs
Bryan M. Bennett / Stringer PhotoG/Getty

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs posted a hilarious video of himself watching a power slap competition on TV.

For the uninitiated, a power slap competition is exactly what it sounds like. One person slaps another as hard as they can in the face. The person being slapped puts their hands behind their back and just lets it happen. Then, they switch.

Stefon Diggs, who says he mostly sticks to streaming services, was memorized by the competition and narrated a two-minute-long video.

The first slap that Diggs shows appears to be at the end of a match. In it, a woman slaps another woman, making her fall backward. She’s then unable to regain her balance and the competition ends.

From there, two men take over, one of whom wants to be famous. His name is Wesley Drain. Diggs then said, “Let me see something. Let me see what y’all got…hold up, y’all got that big forearm.”

Whether or not Drain has what it takes to be famous remains to be seen, even with Stefon Diggs giving him a platform. However, one thing was clear. Drain was the better slapper, landing a round-two knockout.

“Get up, Craig,” Diggs said over and over but to no avail.

Stefon Diggs Made Sure to See Damar Hamlin in Cincinnati

At the end of the NFL’s regular season, Buffalo was in Cincinnati for a key game against the Bengals that had major playoff implications. Everyone forgot about those implications immediately when defensive back Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field.

Hamlin nearly lost his life while the game was suspended and ultimately canceled. The Bills would return to Buffalo. However, Stefon Diggs made sure to see his teammate in the hospital before that happened.

The video showed Diggs making his way into the hospital, going to see Hamlin, before returning with the team to Buffalo.