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Witnesses of Alleged Michael Irvin Misconduct Incident Describe Events of the Night

by Suzanne Halliburton
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Two men who were with former Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin at a Phoenix hotel met with reporters Wednesday to back up the Hall of Famer’s account that he did not harass a female employee.

Irvin also spoke on his own behalf at the press conference. A month ago, he filed a $100 million defamation and tortious interference lawsuit against Marriott. After an exchange with an employee, the hotel kicked him out of his room. Then both the NFL Network and ESPN canceled Irvin’s appearances during Super Bowl week.

Michael Irvin wiped away tears as he listened to the two witnesses speaking on his behalf. Phil Watkins is a businessman from Australia. Bryn Davis is from Philadelphia who said he grew up hating Irvin because the receiver was a Dallas Cowboy.

Watkins said he was checking his phone when a young woman walked up to Irvin.

“I heard some laughter, I looked up, handshakes and they went their separate ways,” Watkins said. “Michael went to his (hotel) room and the woman returned to the desk in the lobby. It was a jovial conversation, there was no reason to believe their was anything untoward.”

Davis said he was in Phoenix for a business meeting. And because he was an Eagles fan, he recognized Irvin from his Cowboys days.

“I grew up hating him but it was still exciting to see him,” Davis said. “We decided to try to buy him a drink. He said he couldn’t. We went back and forth about (Eagles quarterback) Jalen Hurts. Had a really cool, quick conversation. He asked if I wanted to take a picture. We stepped outside, took a few pictures. When we came back in, a woman came from around the corner. She met Michael and had a conversation. There was lots of laughter.”

Michael Irvin’s Lawyer Said the Receiver, Female Employee Shook Hands Twice

Levi McCathern, Irvin’s attorney, watched the Marriott surveillance video, Tuesday. The hotel lawyers wouldn’t allow him to make a copy to show Irvin. McCathern filed an emergency motion Wednesday to have the video released to his client. He described what he saw on the video to the reporters.

McCathern said the woman extended her hand to shake Michael Irvin’s. The former receiver then touched one of her elbows and brushed against the other one as he laughed at part of their conversation. McCathern said the woman and Irvin shook hands to say good bye. Then he went to his hotel room. Irvin was staying at the Renaissance Phoenix Downtown.

Michael Irvin compared what happened to him to a modern lynching. He said he doesn’t even remember what the woman looks like.

He said the encounter makes him think “back to a time where a white woman would accuse a Black man of something, And they would take a bunch of guys who were above the law … and put a rope around his foot and drag him through the mud and hang him by the tree.”