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Zac Taylor Delivers Game Ball to Cincinnati Bar After Bengals Playoff Win Over the Ravens

by Jonathan Howard
Zac Taylor coaches on sideline
(Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)

Another Cincinnati Bengals win, another victory tour from Zac Taylor with the game ball to a local Cincy bar near you. It is becoming one of the best traditions in the NFL. I’m not sure how much more that city can love their head coach, to be honest… unless they win a Super Bowl, of course.

Zac Taylor and the Bengals broke a 31-year winless streak in the playoffs just a season ago against the Raiders. Now it feels like they should win. But Cincinnati fans have been here before. They take nothing for granted, even with great teams. Last night’s win over the Ravens was massive.

Just like he did after they beat the Tennessee Titans in 2022, Taylor went around the city to do a little tour.

The NFL Playoffs will continue next week with the Cincinnati Bengals taking on the Buffalo Bills. How spoiled are we as fans? Joe Burrow vs. Josh Allen in the Divisional Round? This postseason could shake out to be really great. This is just one of the QB matchups we will see this month.

While Zac Taylor was doing a victory lap, he was also trying to rally the troops. They’re going to need as many Bengals fans as possible to get up to Buffalo next week. Good luck with that, though. I’m sure that the Bills Mafia has snatched up just about every ticket that they possibly can.

Zac Taylor Has Earned Cincy’s Love

It really is great to see a city embrace a team and a coach the way Cincinnati embraces the Bengals and Zac Taylor. That’s what makes the NFL great. While he hasn’t been perfect during his time as a head coach, he’s still only 39, and he’s got a 4-1 record in the postseason.

It is clear that Taylor is a great fit for the Organization. It is also very clear that a lot of that success rests on the shoulders of Joe Burrow and talented receivers like Tee Higgins and Ja’Marr Chase. However, he’s shown that he can lead and organize a team on the field.

Burrow and the Bengals have a real shot at making another AFC Championship game. But Josh Allen and the Bills will have something to say about that before they can get there.

If Taylor comes back from Buffalo with more game balls and another rallying call for fans to come out to the next game – then he’ll be in rare air in that city.