NHL Legend Wayne Gretzky Hits First Hole-in-One on New Year’s Eve

by Matthew Wilson

NHL legend Wayne Gretzky ended 2020 on a high note. The former hockey player hit his first hole-in-one during a round on New Year’s Eve.

Gretzky’s hole-in-one is surely a good omen for the athlete for the coming year. Hole-in-ones are difficult to pull off, and the timing couldn’t have been better. His wife Janet certainly seems to think so, congratulating her husband.

On Instagram, she wrote, “Congratulations Wayne on getting your 1st Hole in One !! Couldn’t of been a more beautiful day. And with such a great group of friends to be part of the celebration, what a way to wrap up 2020. Bring on 2021 we have been waiting for you, we wish everyone a Happy, loving and most of all Healthy New Year.”

Wayne Gretzky Found Golf Difficult

Contrary to popular belief, hockey players don’t necessarily make good golf players. Wayne Gretzky confessed he had trouble picking up the sport when he first started.

“Even today, when I play people say, ‘Oh you must be a good player. Hockey players are good golfers,'” Gretzky told Golf.com. “That’s not necessarily true. That doesn’t always translate.”

The biggest difficulty for Gretzky was learning the fundamentals of golf. He said he struggled to pick up the game because he never practiced before. He mostly picked up golf playing with some of his friends and slowly got better over time.

“The biggest thing, in any sport whether it be golf, ice hockey, tennis, baseball, whatever, you have to learn the fundamentals of the game,” he continued. “I never learned the fundamentals of the game. I basically just got out there and played with two or three buddies every day and tried to get a better score than the day before. That was just how I played.”

Well he’s certainly improved his form enough to hit a hole-in-one.