NHL Superstar Henrik Lundqvist Says Open Heart Surgery ‘Went Well,’ Now in Recovery

by Charles Craighill

After opting out of the 2020-2021 NHL season due to an ongoing heart issue, Henrik Lundqvist is recovering from heart surgery. The 38-year-old Washington Capitals goalie went into heart surgery three days ago for his condition. Now the hockey star says everything went smoothly. He posted about it on Twitter earlier today to let his fans know.

“Day 3. The surgery went really well. About 5 hours to get it all taken care of,” the NHL goalie said in his Tweet. “Really appreciate the great staff here at the Clevland Clinic. The last few days have been pretty crazy but feel like I’m in really good hands. Every day is a step in the right direction.”

In the Tweet, Lundqvist included an adorable drawing done by his daughter that artistically interpreted the surgery. While the heart issue seems to have been fixed, according to his daughter’s drawing, Lundqvist may have developed multicolored legs during the surgery. Doctors have not confirmed if the new condition is dangerous.

Henrik Lundqvist Semi-professional and NHL Career

The 38-year-old Henrik Lundqvist has some major accomplishments to his name over the course of his career. Until the 2020 offseason, Lundqvist had spent his entire NHL career with the New York Rangers. The Rangers drafted him in 2000 while he still played in the Swedish Junior Leagues.

Before the Rangers signed him to the NHL, however, he already had a successful career in his home country of Sweden. There, he won the Swedish equivalent to the Vezina Trophy three years in a row. He also set the Swedish Hockey League records for lowest playoff goals-against average, highest save percentage, most single-season shutouts, and longest shutout streak.

In the NHL, he won the Vezina Trophy in 2011 and consistently found himself atop the league as a goalie. In his 15-year career with the Rangers, he has grabbed almost every record set by a Rangers goalie. He also recently became only the 12th goalie to make it to 400 wins in the NHL. Despite his immense throughout his career, Henrik Lundqvist never won a Stanley Cup. However, he did lead the Rangers to the Stanley Cup Final in 2014.