Nick Saban Says He Has ‘No Problem’ with Jimbo Fisher Following Intense Feud

by Tyler Mansfield

It’s been a couple of weeks since Nick Saban made his controversial comments about Texas A&M and Jimbo Fisher fired right back at him. Since then, the Alabama head coach has apologized to Fisher – one of his former assistant coaches – and tried to make up for what he said. It seems that Saban is ready to move on, but is Fisher?

We Outsiders all know what Saban did was wrong. You can’t just go out on a limb and claim that Texas A&M “bought” all of its football recruits. The legendary coach was wrong for that, and Fisher was wrong for calling Saban a “narcissist” and everything else that he did. So, now what?

Well, both Saban and Fisher – along with every other SEC head coach – are currently in Destin, Florida for the league’s spring meetings. The two coaches are going to be around each other for a few days, so they can’t just avoid one another. On top of that, both of them are also speaking with the media – so they can’t just not answer questions regarding their highly-followed feud.

While Saban took to the podium on Tuesday, he was obviously asked about his relationship with Fisher following the ordeal. He made it clear that he has no problem with his former assistant and wants to move on from the situation.

“I didn’t really say that anybody did anything wrong,” Saban said regarding his initial comments about Texas A&M “buying” recruits with NIL deals. “OK, and I’ve said everything I’m going to say about this. I should have never mentioned any individual institutions as I’ve said that before.

“I have no problem with Jimbo. I have no problem with Jimbo at all.”

Saban Isn’t Concerned About Texas A&M, But More About NIL as a Whole

During his short media session on Tuesday, Nick Saban again spoke out about Name, Image and Likeness (NIL). He pointed out that he fully supports it, but added that there needs to be rules in place so it doesn’t get out of control – which it already has.

“Some kind of uniform name, image and likeness standard that supports some kind of equitable, national competition I think is really, really important in college athletics and college football,” Saban said. “Believe me, I’m all for players making as much as they can make. But I also think we’ve got to have some uniform, transparent way to do that.”

Although his comments on Texas A&M were out of place, Saban is 100% correct about NIL. There undoubtedly needs to be some transparency – whether people want it or not.