Nick Saban Signs Record-Setting Extension with Alabama Crimson Tide

by Patrick Norton

Nick Saban keeps getting older, but his players stay the same age. The greatest college coach to probably ever live is once again receiving the money to prove it. Without giving Georgia’s Kirby Smart one whole offseason, Saban is stealing back the title of highest-paid college football coach.

The University of Alabama will pay the head coach an average of $11.7 million per season through 2030. The figure edges out Smart’s new contract that pays the Bulldogs’ head coach an average of $11.2 million per year.

If Saban, 70, fulfills the term of the new deal, the coach will be 79 years old at the contract’s expiration. Currently the second oldest head coach behind only North Carolina’s Mack Brown, the coach could sign another contract to remain in his role. However, college football’s royalty could also explore the analytical side of the sport and join a broadcast.

But with a full commitment toward coaching to carry Saban through the decade, it’s good news for Alabama football. While the rest of the SEC circulates the coaching carousel trying to compete with the standard set by the Crimson Tide, Alabama remains ahead of the curve.

With coaches like Jimbo Fisher at Texas A&M, Smart at Georgia, Lane Kiffin at Ole Miss, and with Texas and Oklahoma on the verge of breaking into the conference, the SEC has one constant: success on the field and from the sideline in Tuscaloosa.

Nick Saban Picking Fights Within The SEC Because It Just Means More

Nick Saban’s contract isn’t the only storyline involving the coach this offseason. Saban claimed Fisher and A&M “bought” its roster, much to the chagrin of the coaching and recruiting staff. Fisher continually fired back at Saban, referring to the claims as “despicable”.

However, Saban later revealed that players for the Crimson Tide have access to monumental NIL contracts, contradicting his assumed disdain with the direction of Name, Image and Likeness within the college game.

Both coaches agree the beef is water under the bridge. However, with A&M pulling off the upset against the Crimson Tide last season, we’ll see what’s in store when the teams clash on October 8 in Tuscaloosa.