Nike Posts Strange Coach K Ads After Duke’s Final Four Loss, Draws Criticism

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/NCAA Photos via Getty Images)

Last night, college basketball had one of its most legendary games ever. However, Nike and their weird Coach K ad after has puzzled many. After Duke and the legendary Mike Krzyzewski lost to their biggest rival, North Carolina, in the Final Four the sports world was stunned. However, the tweets from Nike, likely automated, were strange, to say the least.

Now, I may be a Kentucky fan. I may despise Coach K on the court. However, when I put my royal blue-tinted glasses down, I can understand all the hype around K’s last season. He’s the greatest that’s ever done it, and perhaps the greatest that will ever do it. Almost half a century of excellence. Still, the tweets came across as poorly thought out and poorly executed.

“You can’t spell ____ without K.” We get the sentiment, but like many fans, are just confused for the most part.

“You can literally spell all those words without K,” one Twitter user responded.

“But you can spell ‘TAR HEELS going to play Monday night for the National Championship’ without Coach K,” another user replied.

My personal favorite is the tweet below, to be honest.

If you missed that game last night, then you missed one of the greatest games in the history of NCAA basketball. UNC and Duke almost always produces the best play from both teams. This was no different. Duke took a lead into the half, much as they did at Cameron Indoor, but it came down to a few key stats.

For one, Duke couldn’t hit shots from deep. UNC wasn’t shooting too well either, however, they did better than their opponent. When you get outrebounded by 9 and only hit 22.7% of your shots from deep, it’s hard to pull out a win.

Nike Tweets About Coach K After Historic Loss

When you put this last season into perspective for Coach K, it likely led a lot to be desired. They couldn’t win the ACC Championship. They lost to UNC in K’s last ever home game, and it wasn’t close. Then, they battle to the Final Four just to have a rematch of the bitter rivalry. And, forevermore, 81-77 is going to be the rallying cry of Tar Heels fans when trash-talking Dookies.

The duo of Armando Bacot and Caleb Love was almost unstoppable. They combined for 39 points and 25 rebounds. Throw in another 4 rebounds and 14 points from Brady Manek, and that’s a trio that can almost beat you entirely on their own.

We have our National Championship set up now. Kansas against North Carolina. These are two historic programs and two of the best to do it. So, what will we see this Monday when the Jayhawks and Tar Heels face off? If it is anything like that last game, then it is going to be must-watch TV for sure.