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O.J. Simpson Posts Video While Getting His ‘2nd Shot’ and People Are Going Off

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Jason Bean-Pool/Getty Images

O.J. Simpson is talking about finally getting a second shot. However, he isn’t referring to redemption.

Instead, Simpson posted a video on Twitter of him talking about and eventually getting the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. He talks about being nervous about feeling “sick” the next few days before finally getting the shot on camera.

The comments suggest he is far from any chance at a second shot for anything else. In fact, commenters tore Simpson apart for his post. Many are angry that he has been able to maneuver his way to a vaccine when countless others are still waiting.

One person wrote, “A literal murderer got his vaccine before my elderly grandmother. What a world.”

Others were complaining he got his shot before those who are in drastic need of it. That includes the elderly population and educators.

Other people took the opportunity to clearly state their discomfort with his video by making references to his high-profile crime history. One person wrote, “Hope they didn’t poke you too hard with that 2nd dose. I heard being stabbed with metal objects is not pleasant.”

Murder Case in 1994

O.J. Simpson was a former NFL running back for primarily the Buffalo Bills.

However, he is most known by many for his connection to the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman in 1994.

According to, the two bodies were found stabbed to death outside of Brown Simpson’s condominium in Los Angeles. Evidence at the scene led police to believe Simpson was a suspect. Instead of surrendering he vanished and was eventually tracked down.

The police pursued him in a televised police chase of O.J. fleeing in a white Ford Bronco. His friend Al Cowlings was driving while Simpson was in the backseat.

He eventually pleaded “not guilty” and what was called the “Trial of the Century” started. It was a nine-month-long trial where Simpson hired an A-list team of lawyers. However, a glove that was found near the bodies was also found in his home and DNA testing connected him to the bloodstains. He was found not guilty.

However, he was found guilty in civil trial and was told he must pay $33.5 million to the families of the deceased.

After that he was a part of an armed robbery and kidnapping case in 2008 and spent nine years in prison.

What is O.J. Simpson Doing Now?

Besides getting the COVID-19 vaccine on social media, Simpson continues to be present for the public eye.

According to Sportscasting, Simpson lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was told he was not welcome back in Florida. Simpson still holds memorabilia autograph sessions and keeps up an appearance on social media. He also regularly gives commentary on sports, mostly football.