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Odell Beckham Jr. Makes Point of Flying Private After Getting Kicked Off Flight

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images)

After all that Odell Beckham Jr. went through on his commercial flight the other day, he’s sticking to private from now on. The NFL free agent wide receiver is making the rounds. With the playoffs around the corner, teams are looking to sign a wide receiver to shore up their offense.

There are a lot of teams that would like to sign Odell Beckham Jr. and that means he has to travel a lot. While the talented receiver was on his plane, staff aboard the craft grew concerned. The Super Bowl champion was reportedly going in and out of consciousness and did not respond to crew members’ requests to buckle up.

After a while, Beckham was asked to deboard. When he was unable to, the rest of the plane was deboarded and authorities were called due to a “medical emergency.” After the police showed up, OBJ was apparently fine and left without incident.

On his Instagram Story, via NY Post, the receiver posted a selfie of himself chilling on a private jet with the caption “Not today!!!!” It looks like Beckham is not about to go through the same thing he went through last week.

The last year has been interesting for Odell Beckham Jr. After winning a Super Bowl and tearing his ACL in the process, he had to recover. The receiver didn’t want to go to a team while he recovered. So, he got himself right. Now he’s ready to get back on the field and prove he’s still got it.

While there are a number of teams that are interested, one team sticks out. The Dallas Cowboys.

Jerry Jones Not Worried About Odell Beckham Jr. Incident

As far as the Cowboys are concerned, the plane incident wasn’t major. There wasn’t really anything that happened after he was able to get up from his seat. So, when Jerry Jones was asked about Odell Beckham Jr.’s issues, he brushed it off.

“His overall team compatibility, his judgment, behavior is not an issue with him,” Jones said. “It is with many but not him. We think he’d fit in really good with us.”

We might be seeing OBJ in Cowboys blue soon. If that happens, then that team in Dallas might just make a serious run at the Super Bowl.