Ohio State Football Player Helps Homeless Man in Columbus with Food, Money, Shelter

by Bryan Fyalkowski

It turns out Ohio State tight end Gee Scott, Jr. has an enormous heart inside of his 6-foot-3, 225-pound frame. The Buckeye went out of his way this week to befriend a homeless man in Columbus named Eugene and posted the story on his YouTube page.

While stopped at a red light, Eugene came up to Scott and asked for a dollar. Scott said he did not have any cash on him at the time, but promised to be back in an hour to help Eugene out.

When he returned, Scott had brought a football with him and the two played catch. After that, they sat in the car and had a jam session while listening to music.

Scott then surprised Eugene with $500 and a room at a local hotel for two nights. Eugene shared that he had never stayed in a hotel before in his life, and it had been a while since he slept in a bed or had a hot shower.

The next day, Scott treated Eugene to a haircut and they went shopping for new clothes. To wrap up the day, they had dinner at Eugene’s restaurant of choice – Arby’s – and prayed together.

“I don’t think he’s been homeless his whole life,” Scott said in an interview with the Columbus Dispatch. “I can almost see that sense of joy like when he got his haircut and listened to music and it brought him back to where he was at one point.”

Scott said at no point did he say he was an Ohio State football player, because that was not important to their friendship. He just wanted to help another human being out.

Gee and Eugene Growing Their Friendship

Going forward, Scott is going to make the effort to see Eugene at least once per week. In the future, he will help Eugene find a job and wants to see him get back on his feet permanently.

“It wasn’t about football or Ohio State. It’s about genuinely being nice to others,” Scott said. “We do things and get used to it and forget the significance of what we have compared to others.”

The story went viral this week when it was picked up by CBS Mornings hosted by former NFL player Nate Burleson. Scott has nearly 5,500 subscribers on his YouTube channel and the video of him and Eugene has 14,000 views in only five days.

Scott is originally from Seattle and went to Eastside Catholic School. He is in his third year as a Buckeye and had five receptions for 42 yards last season.