O.J. Simpson Rips Cam Newton Following Patriots Release: VIDEO

by Suzanne Halliburton

O.J. Simpson slapped at Cam Newton’s vaccination status, saying the now former New England Patriots quarterback can’t be a leader if he can’t protect his team from COVID-19.

Simpson still likes to give his opinion on NFL matters. After all, he set league rushing records when he was a tailback for the Buffalo Bills.

On Newton, O.J. Simpson posted a video clip on Twitter, with the comment “Backup is not in Cam’s future.”

Simpson said: “I just don’t get why any quarterback in NFL, as important as they are to their team, won’t go and get the shot.  A lot of them won’t even admit if they haven’t. You’re the star of the team. Anyway, come on guys, especially quarterbacks! Go get the shot, tell the public you got it, and wear your masks.”

Patriots Coach Said Cam Newton Wasn’t Cut Because of Vax Status

The Patriots cut Cam Newton this week when the team finalized their roster to 53 players. New England opted to make Mac Jones, the team’s first-round pick back in April, its starter. Coach Bill Belichick said Newton’s vaccination status had nothing to do with the decision to waive him. But, by rule, NFL teams can’t cut a player based on whether or not he was vaccinated.

However, As O.J. Simpson pointed out, Newton never got the COVID-19 vaccine. The NFL isn’t mandating that players take the vax, but too many positives will cause a team to have to forfeit games. Plus, unvaccinated players are placed in a separate pool. They have to be tested for COVID every day. Newton was away from his team for five days last week. That stretch included three practices. The Patriots said Newton was forced to miss the time because of a COVID-19 protocol “misunderstanding.”

Cam Newton had been in an intense competition with Jones, who led Alabama to the national title earlier this year. With Newton away, Jones took full advantage. Belichick views Jones as the team’s future. He signed Newton last year after Tom Brady left the Patriots for Tampa Bay.

O.J. Simpson took note of Newton’s absence. He said: “I got to admit, when this COVID-19 thing came up this past week and I saw that he was going to miss five days of camp, I said, ‘Well, there goes the starting job. Mac Jones has been spectacular. I am still a little surprised they let him go because it’s not like they’re paying him an exorbitant amount of money for a quarterback, but I don’t think Cam is cut out to be the backup.”  

Newton Won’t Be Headed to Dallas

There had been speculation that the Dallas Cowboys would sign Cam Newton. The Cowboys cut two backups quarterbacks this week, leaving a roster spot for the QB2 after starter Dak Prescott. However, Dallas signed Will Grier, who’d been cut by the Carolina Panthers, Newton’s old team.

Former NFL star Shannon Sharpe, who now works for Fox Sports, thinks Cam Newton will land with the Houston Texans. Houston has a problem with DeShaun Watson. He doesn’t want to be with the Texans. And in the offseason, numerous women, who worked as massage therapists, said that Watson sexually assaulted them.