OJ Simpson Sounds Off on the ‘Best’ Quarterbacks in the NFL This Year

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Bobby Bank/WireImage)

OJ Simpson, the notorious NFL Hall of Famer most known for his highly-publicized trial double-murder trial of which he was acquitted, loves voicing his opinion online. Most notably, OJ favors his Twitter account to post videos, often filmed from a golf cart or country club lounge, to share his thoughts. Normally, he weighs in on sports topics, and this time was no exception.

Simpson posted a video that runs at over two minutes where he speculates the best quarterbacks in the NFL this season.

“It’s football,” the former running back wrote in his caption. “Quarterbacks are players too.”

You can watch the video below, where O.J. talks about who he believes the best quarterbacks in the game are.

“Hey, look, all due respect to Lamar Jackson, to Herbert, to Burrow, and those two old geezers—Brady and Rodgers—these two guys are the best right now,” Simpson began.

He then reveals the “two guys” are Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs and Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills. The Chiefs host the Bills on Sunday afternoon in a highly-anticipated matchup.

“And I would give Mahomes the edge as the best, just, quarterback,” he says. “But I will argue until the cows come home that Josh Allen is the best football player in the NFL.”

OJ Simpson’s high praise of Allen comes as no surprise, as Simpson’s heyday in the league occurred while playing for the same Buffalo Bills squad from 1969-1977.

Fans React to OJ Simpson’s Video Praising Mahomes and Allen

Many fans took the opportunity to respond to the video with puns referencing Simpson’s infamous murder trial.

“Killer take OJ,” one account cheekily wrote.

“Cutting edge analysis as always, juice!” another person chimed in. “Thank you for your service.”

Another user joined in with a similar remark. “Your point cuts through like a knife,” they wrote.

However, not everyone had the same thoughts about the references. Some people actually took to OJ Simpson’s defense. “How many times are y’all going to make these lame jokes?” one account wrote.

Others expressed genuine curiosity in Simpson’s life.

“How are you doing in your fantasy leagues this year juice?” one person wrote.

“Astute analysis as always, Juice!” one person wrote. They went on to talk about the Bills’ Sunday matchup against the Chiefs. “The thing that worries me about both Kansas City and buffalo is the lack of a running game.”

While Simpson was acquitted for the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman in criminal court, he was found responsible for their deaths in civil court. Simpson was also notably arrested in 2007 and charged with armed robbery and kidnapping in Las Vegas, Nevada. After being sentenced 33 years in prison, he was granted parole in 2017. In 2021, Simpson was granted early release from parole by Nevada Division of Parole and Probation.