Oklahoma Fans Emptied Out of the Cotton Bowl During Embarrassing Blowout Loss to Texas: WATCH

by Suzanne Halliburton
William Purnell/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Just how lopsided was that Texas-Oklahoma game? We’ll give you tangible proof, straight from the Cotton Bowl. You don’t even need words or a score.

So here’s the clip from Saturday’s game. And OK, here’s the score — Texas 49, Oklahoma 0. The camera pans the crowd, going from the Texas side of the Cotton Bowl to those wearing Crimson and Cream on the Oklahoma portion of the stadium.

Did you notice, the Sooner fans already had vacated the Cotton Bowl? No one in red wanted to stick around the stadium to see their most hated rival reap the rewards of the victory. The best part of the win is the Golden Hat presentation. Each October, the winner of the Red River Rivalry receives a massive trophy to take back either to Austin or Norman. As per tradition, players and coaches can wear the 10-gallon golden hat and pose for photos.

Longhorn quarterback Quinn Ewers, a redshirt freshman, played in his first Texas-Oklahoma game. He completed 21 of his 31 passes for 289 yards and four touchdown passes. And he did all that after missing the last three games because of a shoulder injury. Ewers took a seat on the team bench early in the fourth quarter. He was the Texas football cover boy in the post-game as he tried on the golden hat for the first time. Kind of made his famous mullet look cool.

Texas Fans Stuck Around to See Best Part of Oklahoma Win Celebration

All the Longhorns got to kneel on the Cotton Bowl grass and take a team photo in post game. UT coach Steve Sarkisian sat in the middle. And he got to wear the hat after picking up his first victory in the Red River Rivalry. Like their fans, the OU players quickly cleared the field.

Texas celebrates its 49-0 victory over Oklahoma. (William Purnell/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

But about those Oklahoma fans who didn’t want to see the scoreboard tick to zero of the 49-0 thrashing. You can’t blame them. This rivalry is unique in college football because it’s played in Dallas on the second Saturday in October. Plus. the game is the highlight of the Texas State Fair. A big part of the game tradition is heading out of the Cotton Bowl and straight to the State Fair. Grab a cold beer and a hot Fletcher’s corny dog and party after your team wins. Or, get that cold beer and corny dog and pretend the game didn’t happen.

Trust us, Texas and Oklahoma fans won’t soon forget the game. Scoring wise, it proved to be the most lopsided Texas win ever in the 118-game series. Plus, it was the first time the Longhorn defense enjoyed a shutout over their arch-nemesis since 1965.

Meanwhile, Oklahoma usually is known for fielding one of the most potent offenses in the country. That’s not so this year. The Sooners failed to score a point for the first time since 1998. Oklahoma fans will have to live with the sting of that memory for at least another year. It’s probably why they all left the Cotton Bowl en masse to get a head start on the State Fair drinking.