Oklahoma State Coach Mike Gundy Receives ‘Gatorade Bath’ of Cheez-Its after Bowl Win

by Matthew Wilson

Oklahoma State‘s Head Coach Mike Gundy is getting cheesy. Forget Gatorade. After beating Miami, he received a Cheez-Its bath from two overeager players.

Pouring Gatorade on the coach after a big win has long been a tradition in football. But for the Cheez-It Bowl, the little cheesy cracker snack was used instead. But you won’t hear Gundy complaining much. After all, who wants cold Gatorade dumped on them?

“Well, that Cheez-It bath is much better than the ice-cold Gatorade at my age,” Gundy said after the game. “I can promise you that.”

Oklahoma State’s Tre Sterling III and Brennan Presley celebrated a photo finish victory by dumping the Cheez-Its on Gundy. No. 21 ranked Oklahoma State pulled out a victory by just three points, beating No. 18 Miami 37 to 34.

Oklahoma State is the Cheez-It Bowl Champions

Three losses may have prevented them from making the coveted National Championship playoffs. But Oklahoma State closed out the season in style.

”Our game plan going in was to try to offset some of the speed and strength they have in the front six,” Gundy told Yahoo News. ”They are a fast, athletic team. We wanted to throw the ball 25 times in the first half.”

Quarterback Spencer Sanders was one of the weapons in Oklahoma’s arsenal. For the night, Sanders threw for 305 and four touchdowns. He also led with 45 rushing yards, earning him the Most Valuable Player for the team.

”That MVP doesn’t just go to me,” Sanders said. ”The defense stopped them when they needed to stop them. We scored when we needed to score. I told them that this MVP is for everyone.”

During the game, Oklahoma State may have put up a 21-0 lead. But Miami gave the team a run for its money, soon leading a comeback. Ultimately, a failed two-point conversion for Miami with under two minutes to spare gave the match-up to Oklahoma State. Cue, Cheez-It baths.