WATCH: Oklahoma State’s Mike Gundy Shows Off Wild One-Armed Push Up Technique During Press Conference

by Nick Geddes

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy is still a man, although he’s no longer 40. He’s 55 and that means he has to be careful with his training regimen.

Gundy said after practice Thursday that he doesn’t lift as much as he used to, worried about tearing a pectoral muscle at his age. But that doesn’t stop him from doing some pushups – specifically a one-armer, Rocky Balboa style. His form is rather flawless, as he showed off to the reporters in attendance.

“Did you watch Rocky?” Gundy asked a reporter who inquired about the one-arm pushup. “… It’s weight distribution. It’s not really strength. If you distribute your strength evenly it looks much better.”

Much to Gundy’s bewilderment, the young reporter said he had only seen “bits and pieces” of “Rocky.”

“Oh my gosh,” Gundy said. “You’re watching too much SpongeBob, you gotta get off SpongeBob.”

In case you’re caught up in the changes surrounding college football – looking at you NIL and conference realignment – one thing hasn’t changed, and may never change: Mike Gundy is a national treasure and a world-class content creator.

Mike Gundy Takes a Shot at Departing Rivals

Speaking of realignment, Gundy has some thoughts on that and isn’t afraid to share ’em. With Oklahoma and Texas set to make their way to the SEC in the coming years, Gundy accused both programs of taking a lot of history out of the Big 12. In particular, the annual “Bedlam” game between the Cowboys and Sooners, which is unlikely to continue once Oklahoma makes the jump to the SEC.

“Let’s just cut to the chase. They made a choice to financially secure their athletic departments for the next 12 to 15 years,” Gundy said Tuesday, via ESPN. “People can talk about all the reasons, but that’s why they did it, all for the money, and took a lot of history out of this league and a lot of history out of college football with them.

“Now, they’re not the first ones to do it. Texas A&M did the same thing when they jumped ship to the SEC [in 2012].”

Gundy, however, isn’t concerned about the future of the Big 12. Four teams – BYU, Cincinnati, Houston and UCF – are set to join the conference next season. Gundy said that all of them “can compete at any level.”

“They have great television markets in different locations in the country that we didn’t have,” Gundy said. “The SEC and Big Ten are going to be strong, but after that, we’re right there.”