Oklahoma’s Dillon Gabriel Motionless After Suffering Ugly Hit: WATCH

by Dustin Schutte
(Photo by Emil Lippe/Getty Images)

Everyone across the college football world held their breath on Saturday afternoon after seeing Oklahoma quarterback Dillon Gabriel take a vicious hit. The Sooners leader appeared to be motionless for a few moments after the helmet-to-helmet contact.

In the first half of Saturday’s game against TCU, Gabriel was sliding to avoid contact after picking up a few yards. But TCU defender Jamoi Hodge delivered a hard blow to the quarterback anyway.

Gabriel immediately rolled over on the field and trainers tended to the quarterback on the field. Below is the video of the hit:

Fortunately, Gabriel walked off the field. Still, it was a scary moment in the game and one that will require the OU quarterback to undergo further examination.

Hodge was disqualified from the contest for targeting. On television, the TCU defender was visibly upset.

Will Levis Suffers Ugly Injury in Kentucky-Ole Miss Game

The hit Dillon Gabriel sustained in the Oklahoma-TCU game was one of the worst we saw this weekend. Because of the head-to-head contact, it’s one of the most dangerous plays in football.

But Gabriel’s injury wasn’t the only one to be discussed on Saturday. Kentucky quarterback Will Levis suffered an ugly injury to his finger.

In the first half of the Kentucky-Ole Miss showdown in Oxford, Levis was sacked for a safety. As he fell to the turf, Levis’ hand planted into the ground awkwardly, bending his middle finger.

When Levis stood up, his finger pointed a different direction. It’s one of the uglier finger injuries you’ll see.

It didn’t stop Levis from playing, though. The injury occurred to his non-throwing hand, allowing trainers to reset it and keep the quarterback in the game. Talk about toughness.

So, in case you needed a remainder, the life of a college football quarterback ain’t always easy. Hopefully both Gabriel and Levis are OK moving forward.