Ole Miss Coach Lane Kiffin Bagged a Massive Bonus for Week 1 Win, And He Wasn’t Even With the Team

by Josh Lanier

Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin missed his team’s rout of Louisville on Monday, but he will still score a massive bonus for the team’s performance. Kiffin stayed at home as the Rebels traveled to Atlanta for the Chick-fil-A Kickoff game after he tested positive for COVID-19.

The USA Today reported Kiffin will make a $100,000 bonus for the 43-24 win. The 46-year-old coach will make $4.5 million this season, plus $100,000 for every non-conference Power 5 win. He’ll earn $150,000 for every SEC opponent the team beats, a school official said after the game.

The Ole Miss Athletic Foundation pays most of Kiffin’s salary and bonuses. But as a private non-profit, the organization doesn’t have to disclose information on his deal. The university provided reporters with a term sheet earlier this year explaining some of the aspects of the contract, USA Today said.

Lane Kiffin was the first coach this year to earn a 6-figure bonus. Nevada’s Jay Norvell and Texas-San Antonio’s Jeff Traylor both earned $25,000 for their teams’ wins Saturday.

If his team can play the rest of the season as well as they did Saturday, Kiffin is going to make a fortune. The Rebels looked great on both sides of the ball. And quarterback Matt Corral play liked the Heisman Trophy hopeful college football experts have touted all summer.

Even ESPN college football whisperer Kirk Herbstreit is on the Lane Train. He tweeted that Ole Miss is the complete package. Though, the real test begins when the Rebels start playing SEC opponents.

Lane Kiffin told the Clarion-Ledger Monday Night that he feels well and expects to return to the team this week. The Rebels will take on Austin Peay in Oxford, Miss., Saturday.

Lane Kiffin Jokes Team Doesn’t Need Him

After the game, Lane Kiffin joked that if the Rebels play as well as they did Saturday all season he might stay home. He added that what people think is important for coaches really doesn’t matter. It’s all about preparing your team to perform well with or without you.

“Well, I think head coaches get too much credit on things. I think in-game management matters. If you’re on offense or defense and you get things changed in the game and help call plays, that matters. But the whole being there and your locker room speeches, that don’t really matter.

“So you can have some great locker room speeches and go out and they have got better players, and it don’t matter. I think part of it’s overrated, but it was interesting to see. I mean, if they can play like that without me on the road, I’m good with that. I’ll just stay here. I don’t got to travel back. I can already watch Austin Peay film right now.”

Lane Kiffin, Clarion-Ledger