Ole Miss Coach Lane Kiffin Takes Shot at LSU Coach Ed Orgeron

by Josh Lanier

It’s not been a good week for LSU coach Ed Orgeron. A fan dunked on him ahead of Tigers’ upset at UCLA. Then the Bruins jumped in. Now, his in-conference rival Lane Kiffin at Ole Miss is taking a shot.

Coach Kiffin on Tuesday tweeted a video of NFL legend Warren Sapp walking through the tunnel ahead of Ole Miss’ Monday night game. The Hall of Fame defensive end played for Kiffin’s dad, Monty Kiffin, with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In the video, Sapp sports a powder blue Rebels shirt. And that’s where Kiffin found his way in.

Ed Orgeron got into a shouting match with a UCLA fan ahead of Saturday’s game. After the fan called him out, the Tigers coach snapped and made fun of the hecklers’ “sissy blue shirt.”

The Bruins and Rebels both have similar blues in their color schemes. So, after praising Sapp, Lane Kiffin made sure to mention his “sissy blue” Ole Miss T-shirt. Orgeron, wisely, hasn’t responded to Kiffin or the trolls from UCLA. It’s good to see he knows when not to respond to hecklers.

But Kiffin will need to prove his taunts on the field. Ole Miss had a devastating 53-48 loss last year at Tiger Stadium, but the hiccup hasn’t seemed to hurt the team’s momentum. This season LSU will travel to Mississippi to face the Rebels on Oct. 23, where Kiffin will be waiting. And you should expect to see a sea of “sissy blue” shirts in the stands. Maybe UCLA can show them how to make more.

Lane Kiffin: ‘I’ll Be Back This Weekend’

Lane Kiffin had to play keyboard warrior on Monday night because he couldn’t be at the game in person. The 46-year-old was diagnosed with COVID-19 last week and had to sit out the game.

It’s unclear when Kiffin will return, but he told the Clarion-Ledger that he expects to be back for next week’s game. Kiffin is vaccinated and from all reports his symptoms are mild.

He also added that watching the game was a nice distraction from his illness.

“It really is amazing what energy does — or whatever it is — when you get into something because I completely forgot about it when the ball was kicked,” he said. “So, I forgot that I was sick.”

Ole Miss demolished the Louisville Cardinals in the Chick-fil-A Kickoff game in Atlanta. The Rebels were up 26-0 at halftime, and only let up on the gas after the game was out of reach. The team won 43-24.

The defense played well, but the standout was quarterback Matt Corral. The Heisman Trophy hopeful finished the game with 381 yards and two scores. One in the air and one rushing.

Rebel players will look to continue their impressive play on Saturday at home against Austin Peay.