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Ole Miss HC Lane Kiffin Gets Into Twitter Beef With Former Player

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images)

It seems that Lane Kiffin is never going to give up the Twitter game. This time he was going back and forth with a former player. Keidron Smith originally committed and played college football for Ole Miss. However, he ended up transferring to the University of Kentucky to play as a Wildcat.

This started when Smith did a quick interview with Lexington’s local NBC affiliate for a show called “BBN Tonight.” Since he has experience with two SEC teams, one in the west and one in the east, he has insight that many don’t have.

The defensive back said the biggest difference between Lane Kiffin’s team and Mark Stoops’ team, is how they practice. Kentucky doesn’t do as many contact drills and Smith said the west is a “grind.” That’s when Kiffin responded.

“Wait I’m very confused about putting this out?!?! This is a bad thing for [Ole Mis] and playing in the west and a positive for [Kentucky] and playing in the east??? It’s too much of a grind over here???”

Here’s how Keidron Smith responded to his former coach, Lane Kiffin.

What we have learned, this season especially, is that Lane Kiffin is never afraid to let the Twitter fingers fly. Although this is a little different. It is strange to see a coach respond to a player like this, and Smith handled it well. He earned a “Lol” from Kentucky’s TE coach and recruiting coordinator Vince Marrow in the replies.

Smith was a good player at Ole Miss. He put up 224 tackles as a Rebel and five interceptions. In one season with the Cats, he totaled 44 tackles and two interceptions which included a pick-six.

Lane Kiffin Staying at Ole Miss, More Tweets to Come?

Before Lane Kiffin got into it with Keidron Smith, he was fighting off rumors about coaching changes. When that Auburn job came open, most folks thought that it would be Kiffin for sure. However, after a reporter in Mississippi came out with a report he would lead the Tigers in 2023, the coach refuted it.

Let me just tell you, Outsiders, you never want the subject of your report to refute said report. That just throws a wrench in the whole thing. Who is going to believe you after that? Perhaps Kiffin decided to stay at Ole Miss just to spite all of those rumors and reports.

Whatever his reasoning, Lane Kiffin will let folks know what he thinks and he isn’t afraid to put it out on Twitter. Reporters, former players, it doesn’t matter. Anybody can get it as far as Lane is concerned.