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Ole Miss Paints ‘Manning’ in End Zones for Eli Manning Jersey Retirement

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

In the SEC, every team has traditions they stick to. Ole Miss is bucking tradition with their “Manning” endzones decked out in red. It is going to e Eli Manning day when the Rebels host LSU on Saturday, October 23.

Of course, Eli Manning is an Ole Miss legend. As is the majority of the Manning family sans Peyton, really. Ahead of the festivities, Lane Kiffin commented on the legacy of the Mannings and what they mean to the Rebels program he now coaches.

“I’ve always had great respect for them (the Manning family) and you know (this is the) second place where the quarterback has played (that I’ve) been the head coach, so it’ll be a really cool Saturday. I tweeted something this morning (about it). I mean I would think this would be a very hot ticket, I get to go see Eli Manning and Matt Corral. It’ll be a pretty cool thing Saturday.”

Kiffin is now coach of Ole Miss. With Matt Corral slinging the ball deep for the Rebels, perhaps he will have an extra accurate day with Eli in the house. Everyone knows that Manning went on to win two Super Bowls in the NFL after college. His father Archie Manning played for Ole Miss as well.

Only Archie and Chucky Mullins have ever had their jersey numbers retired. Those numbers are 18 and 38 respectively. Now, the No.10 jersey will go up next to that. Peyton Manning famously played for Tennessee over his family’s school. Coach Kiffin has also coached the sidelines for the Volunteers. There are just so many connections here.

Ole Miss Welcomes Another Manning

There was another Manning that played for the Ole Miss Rebels back in the day. The often forgotten Cooper Manning who played wide receiver had quite a career in college as well. Due to injuries that resulted in spinal stenosis, his career was cut short. However, he has a son, Arch Manning that will be a special guest on Saturday as well.

These endzones are painted for Eli Manning. That is the official reason for the big “MANNING” in each. However, Arch is the top quarterback prospect in the class of 2023 and will be on an unofficial visit at the school on the same day his uncle has his number retired. That’s right, Arch is going to watch the Rebels play LSU with his name stretched across both ends of the field.

While these types of things can’t be done specifically for recruits, the timing is well thought out by the Rebels. The school was able to schedule this visit just right. Of course, all of Arch’s family will be there as well. Lane Kiffin will show the young Manning what Ole Miss means to the family and how that relationship can continue in the future. The Rebels have quite a recruitment on their hands.