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Olivia Culpo: Jaw-Dropping 2020 Photos from Model and GF of Christian McCaffrey

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by Bris/MEGA/GC Images

Olivia Culpo, the girlfriend of Carolina Panther Christian McCaffrey, dropped all sorts of photos last year on her Instagram feed to give her fans a glimpse of her celebrity life.

In these shots, Culpo is modeling swimsuits. It’s what she’s known for — after all, Culpo appeared on the cover of last’s year’s swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated.

She’s also considered one of the most beautiful women on earth. Culpo earned the title of Miss Rhode Island in 2012. She was named Miss USA, then Miss Universe. Culpo was the eighth American to earn the Miss Universe crown. But she was the first since 1997.

Culpo captioned the above photo “Some of my favorite @si_swimsuit moments… feeling nostalgic because these are memories I’ll cherish forever and I miss my si family this year.”

The photo showed Culpo on a secluded beach on Kangaroo Island in South Australia. She was wearing only a bikini bottom with a snake covering her upper body.

It’s likely in her job description to post exotic swimsuit photos.

Last year, pre-COVID-19 pandemic, Culpo appeared on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. Models Jasmine Sanders and Kate Bock joined Culpo on the cover. That’s a huge get for any model. The SI Swimsuit edition has been a mainstay since 1964. There are some who suggest that SI made the bikini into a popular swimsuit choice.

Olivia Culpo and Christian McCaffrey Had Plenty Of Time Together Last Fall

Olivia Culpo also loves to post vacation photos. She had more time to spend with Christian McCaffrey since the Panthers tailback was injured for much of the NFL season.

Expectations were sky high for McCaffrey this fall. In 2019, he’d enjoyed one of the best seasons ever for an NFL tailback. He became only the third player in NFL history to rush for at least 1,000 yards and catch 1,000 plus in receptions.

McCaffrey played in only three games this fall because of a variety of injuries. He missed six games with a severely sprained ankle. McCaffrey missed three contests because of a shoulder injury. He then missed the remainder of the season because of a pulled muscle in his leg.He past two against Denver and Green Bay with a quad injury suffered during the bye.

McCaffrey and Culpo started dating in 2019. They’ve been very public on social media, with each celebrating the success of the other.

Culpo is no stranger to dating famous men. She was in a relationship with former New England Patriot receiver Danny Amendola for three years. The two had a nasty breakup. Culpo also dated pop star Nick Jonas. The singer conceded that Culpo inspired his song “Jealous.”

Culpo Used Platform To Shine Light On Her Medical Condition

Culpo also has used her platform for issues far more serious than bikinis and vacation. Late last year, she posted on Instagram: “This was by far the strangest, scariest, and most challenging year for so many of us but I’m so grateful for another year of lessons learned.

“So many relationships and luxuries we experience on a day to day basis were put into perspective. So much heartache and loss witnessed around the world on a daily basis and I know I’ll go through the rest of my life appreciating the little things a lot more. That in itself is a huge gift I can thank this year for!!”

She brought attention to her life-changing surgery for endometriosis. Culpo announced she had the painful condition, which can impact a woman’s fertility, in August. She had surgery in November.

Culpo described the surgery as a “gift.” She thanked her surgeon for “changing my life.”

“No more nights sleeping in the bath, crying myself to sleep in so much pain.” Culpo wrote. “I can’t tell you how grateful I am to put that behind me. And I know anyone out there with Endo can understand!”