Olivia Culpo Posts Spicy, Sweet Pics While Looking Back At 2020

by Suzanne Halliburton

Olivia Culpo, model and social-media influencer, was in a reflective mood on the final day of 2020.

She used her Instagram account to post a gallery of photos, while taking a long look back at what unfolded in her life the previous 365 days. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, it was a significant year for so many.

Culpo, the girlfriend of Carolina Panther running back Christian McCaffrey, focused on it all, good and bad.

“This was by far the strangest, scariest, and most challenging year for so many of us but I’m so grateful for another year of lessons learned,” Culpo wrote. “So many relationships and luxuries we experience on a day to day basis were put into perspective. So much heartache and loss witnessed around the world on a daily basis and I know I’ll go through the rest of my life appreciating the little things a lot more. That in itself is a huge gift I can thank this year for!!”

Several of the photos featured Culpo with McCaffrey, who missed much of the NFL season because of injury.

Culpo also included her Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition cover from early 2020. Pre-Covid 19 pandemic, Culpo was photographed with models Jasmine Sanders and Kate Bock for the cover.

It was a huge get for a model. The SI Swimsuit edition has been a mainstay since 1964, with some suggesting that SI made the bikini into a popular swimsuit choice in the United States.

Olivia Culpo Also Talked About Her Surgery

Culpo, a former Miss Universe, also used her Instagram photo gallery to discuss a life-changing surgery for endometriosis. Culpo announced she had the painful condition, which can impact a woman’s fertility, in August. She had surgery in November.

Culpo described the surgery as a “gift.” She thanked her surgeon for “changing my life.”

“No more nights sleeping in the bath, crying myself to sleep in so much pain.” Culpo wrote. “I can’t tell you how grateful I am to put that behind me. And I know anyone out there with Endo can understand!”

Culpo finished, writing: “Thank you for letting me share my life with you. I appreciate each and every one of you. And I feel so blessed beyond words for the opportunity I was able to have this year through my job, despite the world feeling so different.

“And for anyone out there who feels stuck trying to navigate the shitstorm 2020 caused, I’m praying for you. … Hope you can hold out hope that better days are ahead.”

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