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Olivia Culpo Shows Off in White Bikini During Boat Day with Christian McCaffery

by Evan Reier
Photo by Rich Graessle/PPI/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

When it comes to celebrity power couples Olivia Culpo and Christian McCaffery have to be in the conversation.

They’re both wildly successful and good-looking. On the one hand, Christian McCaffery is arguably the best running back in the NFL on his day. On the other, Olivia Culpo is a Miss Universe winner and has several business endeavors she explores.

Dating each other is proof enough that McCaffery and Culpo are doing well for themselves. But if you need more, it appears as if they’ve also bought a boat, or at least that’s what their fans think.

In a new post made on March 27, Olivia Culpo uploads a series of photos featuring her and McCaffery living their best lives.

“When Olivia meets the Olivia,” Culpo captions the post. As one can see in the pictures, the name of the boat, “The Olivia,” is shown on the side.

As usual, Culpo looks absolutely stunning. Jeans, bikini top and a crop sweater is a look only for those confident enough to wear it. But, goodness, she’s got it.

Many fans immediately congratulated the two on purchasing the boat, although that isn’t confirmed by either of their social media posts. Either way, it seems like a pretty tremendous day out, although Culpo’s story posts say that it was cut short by lightning.

At least she was able to treat her fans to some stunning looks and a look into her day with McCaffery.

Christian McCaffery is ‘Educating’ Olivia Culpo About Football

Olivia Culpo and Christian McCaffery come from two different worlds, so they’ve understandably had to take the time to learn about each other’s background. Modeling and football have their similarities, but, really, they’re two different atmospheres.

So it came to no surprise that Culpo said she was receiving an “education” on football. On February 11, Culpo posted a couple of pics featuring a comfy couch and popcorn.

Alongside the pictures, Culpo gave context to the football education she was receiving.

“What are we watching these days ladies and gentlemen?” Culpo wrote. “Christian made me watch Friday night lights (part of my football 101 curriculum from my stories) and he won’t let me watch dateline anymore. So I’m stuck. Any suggestions?”

It doesn’t sound like Culpo is especially eager to watch Friday Night Lights. But if Christian McCaffery’s on-field play is any indication, he’ll be determined to bring her around.