On This Day: Marshawn Lynch Goes ‘Beast Mode’ in Iconic Playoffs Touchdown Run 10 Years Ago

by Charles Craighill

Ten years ago today, Marshawn Lynch rose to superstardom with his epic “Beast Mode” touchdown run. In the fourth quarter of the Wildcard matchup between the New Orleans Saints and the Seattle Seahawks, Lynch broke through no less than 8 tackles on his way to the endzone. The 67-yard touchdown run put the Seahawks up 41-30 with three and a half minutes left in the game.

This run, coincidentally or not, actually occurred at the same time as an earthquake. Experts have neither confirmed nor denied if the touchdown run induced the earthquake or if the two events were unrelated.

This kind of hard-nosed running became Marshawn Lynch’s signature, starting all the way back when he played for the Buffalo Bills. Even at the University of California, Marshawn Lynch got NFL attention for his ground-and-pound, run-through-your-face style.

Marshawn Lynch Trademarks Beast Mode

In fact, Lynch trademarked his “Beast Mode” title, turning his nickname into an actual business. According to the official website of Marshawn Lynch, the brand is more than just a term.

“BEAST MODE is more than the level Marshawn Lynch reaches when he barrels through defenses in an unstoppable fashion. No, BEAST MODE is an entire lifestyle,” the website says. “A commitment to attack each day with the same ferocity that Marshawn has when he hits the hole.”

Marshawn Lynch trademarked the “BEAST MODE” brand back in 2009 when he still played with the Buffalo Bills. This was two years before his iconic run that everyone associates with the phrase.

Beast Mode Talks to Peyton Manning

Earlier this year, the legendary running back appeared on Peyton Manning’s ESPN+ show, Peyton’s Places. In his episode, the two discussed several parts of Marshawn Lynch’s career and legacy. From his Beast Mode run to his “Power Pellets,” to his pregame ritual, Peyton Manning got Lynch to talk more than any reporter could in his career.