On This Day: Tennessee Titans Pull Off ‘Music City Miracle’ Against Buffalo Bills in Wild Card Game

by Joe Rutland

Tennessee Titans fans still get giddy when the words “Music City Miracle” are spoken. It is one of the greatest plays in NFL history.

Twenty-one years ago on Friday, the Titans – a team who relocated from Houston, Texas, where it was known as the Oilers – turned the football world upside down.

With 16 seconds left in the game, the Buffalo Bills took a 16-15 lead on a field goal. All Buffalo had to do was kick the ball back to the Tennessee Titans and stop them from getting into scoring position.

It did not work out that way.

Tennessee Titans Get Help From Wycheck’s Passing Arm

Buffalo kicked off and Tennessee’s Lorenzo Neal caught the ball, then handed it over to Frank Wycheck. Now Wycheck looked across to the other side of the field, saw Frank Dyson open, threw it to him and Dyson was off to the end zone.

Blockers were out in front of Dyson, giving him a clear path to Buffalo’s end zone and the “Music City Miracle” was born.

Well, enough talk about it. Here it is with clips of then-Tennessee coach Jeff Fisher and then-Buffalo coach Wade Phillips before and after the play happens. The Tennessee Titans were about to write their names into the league’s history book.

Titans’ Derrick Henry Performs Last-Minute Magic

Meanwhile, it cannot compare to the “Music City Miracle” but Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry managed to perform last-minute magic this season.

Henry put an end to overtime on a Sunday afternoon last November with a game-winning touchdown run to beat the Baltimore Ravens.

The Titans and Ravens were tied at 24-24 entering overtime. Tennessee had the ball on Baltimore’s 29-yard line and it was time for “King Henry” to take over.

The 6-foot-3, 258-pound running back barreled his way through the heart of the Ravens’ defense. Henry ran left through the line at first, then cut back to the right through multiple defenders and gunned it for the end zone.

The Titans’ official Twitter account shared a clip of Henry’s touchdown run. In addition, their caption hinted at the running back’s nickname: “King Henry.”

This Sunday, Baltimore and Tennessee will play in an AFC Wild Card game. Who knows what might happen in this one. Could another “Music City Miracle” be on the horizon?

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