Oregon Ducks Black and Hot Pink Uniform Combo Has the Internet Sounding Off

by Suzanne Halliburton
Tom Hauck/Getty Images

Oregon and the ever-changing Ducks uniforms are a college football guarantee. But the team look for Saturday’s game against UCLA definitely expands the color scheme.

The Oregon social media team introduced the uniforms early Saturday. And ESPN’s College Football GameDay also offered a preview. If you haven’t seen them, here’s today’s look, which combines the odd combo of black, neon green and hot pink from the helmets to the shoes.

The Oregon uniforms almost look like an ode to 1980s coming-of-age movies. Surely, Molly Ringwald and Andrew McCarthy are seated somewhere in Autzen Stadium. But these alternative unis are a serious topic. Nike and Oregon devoted these uniforms to the “Stomp Out Cancer” campaign.

Oregon coach Dan Lanning said: “I love the way we’re partnered with Nike and the things that they can develop for us and our team. This one this kind of has a special place for me, from a cancer standpoint, just because my wife’s a cancer survivor. And I think it’s really always special when you have a stage and you can do it for a special cause.”

Defensive lineman Casey Rogers told Ducks Wire his grandmother is a breast cancer survivor. So he loves the Oregon alternative uniforms for the game against UCLA.

“Even when I was in high school, I always liked to rock pink during October,” Rogers said. “So it’s actually really special that I’m able to do that in college.

What do the fans watching from home think about a football team rocking hot pink? The response trended toward the negative, although fans appreciated the cause. Teams that honor breast cancer survivors usually do so by wearing pink arm or sweat bands, maybe some socks. Oregon took it up several notches.

“Whoever designed the Oregon uniforms definitely didn’t live through the 80s and understand why neon went out of style very quickly,” wrote a college football fan.

Another mused “these Oregon uniforms just don’t work in the daylight.”

There were more jokes about the bright colors. One fan wrote: “Today’s Oregon Ducks uniforms sponsored by Hi-Liter.”

Oregon does trot out new uniforms all the time. But Saturdays game also was special because of the matchup. The 10th-ranked Ducks take on No. 9 and undefeated UCLA. It’s the lone top 10 matchup on the college football schedule. It’s why ESPN’s College Football GameDay did their weekly show live from outside Autzen Stadium.

ESPN college football analyst Lee Corso selected Oregon as his pick to win. And Corso also has a long-time football crush on the Oregon mascot. Not only did Corso select Oregon, he let loose a live duck on set. A live mascot and hot pink and black uniforms should make for a very non-traditional afternoon.