Oregon Fan Leaving Rubber Duck on Ohio State Field Logo Is the Ultimate Sign of Disrespect

by Thad Mitchell

After a big victory from their team on a glorious college football afternoon, an Oregon Ducks fan wanted to rub it in just a little more.

Yesterday (Saturday) was a big day for college football as the season begins to crank up. Despite it being only the 2021 season’s second week, ramifications from yesterday’s games will be felt for a long time. Yesterday’s slate of games featured a couple of big upsets, a few dramatic finishes and last-minute heroics.

In one of the weekend’s biggest games, it was the Oregon Ducks pulling the upset on heavy favorite, the Ohio State Buckeyes. Oregon dominated much of the contest and with a strong running game and stout defense. Running back C.J. Verdell was the star of the game for Oregon as they took a 35-28 victory.

After the game was over, Oregon fans wanted to make sure the rest of college football knows they’re coming, Using a simple children’s bath toy, they made their big statement loud and clear for the rest of the world to see. Take a look at this social media post and see if you agree:

“Our digital team was the last on the field and as we were leaving we saw that someone left a duck on the Ohio State logo after the Oregon game,” the Instagram post says.

Yep — that is a rubber ducky sitting right on the 50-yard line and in the middle of the Buckeye’s big “O” that resides in the middle of the field. You certainly can’t say that Oregon fans lack guts with this statement. But to the victor goes the spoils and in this case — the Oregon Ducks are the biggest victors in college football.

Oregon Ducks Pick Up Big Win Against OSU Buckeyes

No one knows who actually planted the rubber duck in the center of the field and whoever did is likely to remain anonymous. They certainly exceeded, however, at making a big statement.

The Oregon football team remains unbeaten through the young college football season with dreams of the NCAA playoff dancing in their heads. They came into the game ranked outside of the top 10 but are certain to jump up in the rankings with the big win. Ohio State came into the matchup ranked inside the top five but will likely drop a few spots because of the loss. The Buckeyes also still have visions of making the playoffs later this year but will need a rebound from this loss.

After the game, Oregon head coach Mario Cristobal thanked the team’s fans for their immense support.

“Thank you Oregon Ducks family and everyone who made the trip to Columbus,” he says in a Saturday tweet. “1-0 process begins again but we are going to enjoy this flight!”