Oregon’s The Duck Faces Off Against Brutus Buckeye in All-Out Mascot Melee

by Thad Mitchell

Two of college football’s top teams will square off today as the Oregon Ducks will take on the Ohio State Buckeyes in a matchup of playoff hopefuls.

College Football is back and fans couldn’t be happier with Saturday’s lineup of big games. Both Oregon and Ohio State are nationally ranked and have visions of a national championship dancing in their heads. But there is a matchup with the matchup that will also likely draw the attention of fans. Both of these college football teams have well-known mascots who are competitive as the players on the team. For the University of Oregon, “The Duck” handles the sideline mischief and amps up the crowd. For Ohio State University, good ol’ Brutus is in charge of the wacky antics and audience participation. The two will face off today in a battle of two of the top mascots in the game.

There are tons of great mascots across the country. Smokey the Bluetick Coonhound calls the University of Tennessee home. Uga the bulldog roams the sidelines for the University of Georgia. Mike the Tiger, yes — a real tiger, resides at Louisiana State University, better known as LSU. There are several more notable mascots across college football but it doesn’t get much than the Oregon Duck and Brutus of OSU.

If you tune in to the game on television, you will see both mascots take the field during time-outs. It will be a knock-down, drag-out battle between the two masked titans. Ok — it won’t be an actual “battle” but it will be funny and highly entertaining.

Oregon and Ohio State Mascots Prepare for Battle

ESPN caught up with the individuals behind the masks to get their thoughts on the matchup. Teigh Bowen, who portrays the Duck for Oregon, says Brutus reminds him of a film villain we are all too familiar with.

“I think of Freddy Krueger first. He’s got the sweater. Scary old man,” Bowen says with a laugh. “No, Brutus is great. He is that old-school mascot. He’s the guy on the sideline with a big head and … if you just wanna look at a big nut, doing whatever a big nut wants to do, then sure some people enjoy that.”

Behind Brutus is Ohio State employee Tracy Stuck. Like the Oregon Duck, Brutus is complimentary of opposing mascots.

“The Duck is very Disney-like to me. There’s a really sweet quality to the Duck,” Stuck notes. “When I look at mascots, there are mascots that seem to be mean and growly, but that is not what I experience with the Duck. It’s so much fun.”

The Ohio State Buckeyes and Oregon Ducks will tee it up at noon Saturday. It should be an exciting match on the field and, if the mascots have a say, off the field.