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Outsider Expanding To Add Newly-Branded Sports Humor and Entertainment Channel

by Outsider


Nashville, Tennessee, November 4, 2020 – Outsider is proud to announce that it is expanding its sports humor and entertainment content coverage through its newly branded “Sports Humor and Entertainment” channel.

The company is also increasing its editorial staff to include a total of 24 editors, producers, and content creators. As part of the initiative, Outsider will be rebranding the popular Facebook page, Sports-Funny Page, to “Sports Humor and Entertainment.”

The adjustment is sure to offer its 1.5 million followers a richer and more comprehensive content experience. From hilarious press conferences to wild fan reactions, the Facebook page will keep followers entertained.

“We are undergoing an aggressive expansion plan,” said Outsider GM Greg Gough. “We believe there is a large audience in the category and we are increasing our content offering with an emphasis on sports humor and entertainment.”

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Join Outsider’s Sports Humor and Entertainment‘s 1.5 million Facebook fans to follow along with the lighter side of sports. Looking to read up on what NFL stars are up to off of the field? Searching for details on the latest Twitter beef between NASCAR drivers? You came to the right place.