Outsider Sports Entertainment: ‘Sports Funny’ Page to Merge to ‘Outsider Sports & Entertainment’

by Outsider


Nashville, Tennessee, April 1, 2021 – Outsider is proud to announce that it is rebranding its coverage to include a more comprehensive delivery of sports entertainment. The ‘Sports Funny’ Facebook page will become ‘Outsider Sports’ with the hopes of reaching a larger audience.

Rebranding ‘Sports Funny’ to ‘Outsider Sports’ will offer sports entertainment fans a better range of content to best serve the audience. The adjustment to the ‘Outsider Sports’ page will aim to help connect fans around the world with one thing we all have in common: Being Outsiders.

The best moments are shared moments. And hardly anything brings folks together like entertainment. By rebranding the ‘Sports Funny’ page, Outsider hopes to provide fans out there with all the best entertainment news coming from the world of sports. Because cheering together and being part of one team is exactly what we strive for here at Outsider. We are all a part of a team of Outsiders; that’s what we have in common.

We are the community that built this country, wants to make it better for all and continues to serve it daily. Outsiders celebrate the unwavering sacrifice from our teachers, first responders, military, architects, accountants, and skilled workers. We celebrate entertainment that brings us together to cheer, sing, laugh, and explore. Whether it be sports entertainment or country music or afternoon hikes, our community knows the importance of joining together to embrace all that makes ordinary folks so extraordinary.

The Facebook rebranding helps serve that audience of extraordinary people in a more direct way. The name change will create a clearer, more unified delivery of all things sports entertainment.

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