Ozzy Osbourne Fans Furious After NBC Only Shows Seconds of Rams vs. Bills Halftime Performance

by Jonathan Howard

Ozzy Osbourne was the halftime entertainment for the Rams and Bills season opener. NFL fans might have barely noticed if they weren’t paying attention. The Prince of Darkness was shown on stage performing his newest single, and NBC cut away almost immediately. It was strange and not a usual NFL halftime show. Fans saw probably 10 seconds, and that’s being generous. Then it filled in as background music.

What I loved seeing was Ozzy freaking Osbourne performing on stage. This was a moment that wasn’t always guaranteed, especially a year or so ago. His health has improved drastically since his surgery. Now, he can get on stage and do what he loves and that’s great.

NFL Fans React to Ozzy Osbourne’s Performance

But I’d have liked to see a lot more of him. So would the thousands of fans that were tuned in watching and hoping to see him perform some of his new album that’s coming out tonight.

Fans are not happy with the brief performance. They just wanted to see Ozzy do his thing!

Seriously, it was seconds of just Ozzy Osbourne performing and then the commentary came back in and they covered the first half. Now, that is likely to do with TV scheduling. They probably don’t have the time to do a whole Super Bowl halftime show. Still, just look at this video.

The Prince of Darkness was a little disrespected here. Fans won’t forget this for a long time.

Rams vs. Bills Brings Back NFL Season

Regardless of what you thought about the performance, the NFL season is back! We are so close to getting to the best time of the year when the temperatures cool down and we get the fires going on the weekends for college and NFL games. After a lot of hot, rainy months, this is going to be welcomed by just about everyone.

Starting it off with the Rams and Bills and having a legend like Ozzy Osbourne performing is the right way to start the 2022 season. Next time, let’s give him 5 minutes instead of just seconds on the camera. There aren’t many more Ozzy live performances left in this world, why let one of these finite moments play in the background?