Packers’ Aaron Rodgers Has Zero Time for the Backlash to His Criticisms of Teammates

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Not having any of the backlash, Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers discusses the criticism he gave about his teammates.  

As previously reported, Aaron Rodgers shares his thoughts about his teammates and the struggles that the team has had this season. “We had so many mental errors and mistakes,” Rodgers stated during his appearance on The Pat McAfee Show. “It’s not the kind of football we’re used to playing over the years.”

Aaron Rodgers pointed out that there have definitely been seasons where the team has averaged four or five, six, maybe seven at the most, kind of mental errors or missed assignments per week. “Some weeks you have like four, two sometimes. This season there’s a lot more of that every single week. It’s double digits every single week. Even on the game, we had like 50 plays or something — there wasn’t a ton of plays, they had 37 minutes time of possession — a lot of mistakes.”

The comments sparked some backlash among Packers fans. Prior to the Packers’ Week 8 game, Aaron Rodgers addressed the comments. NBC Sports sideline reporter Melissa Stark revealed exactly what Rodgers said. “He told us, ‘I felt like Captain Obvious. Everyone needs to do their job better. If you can’t, someone else will. This is the bleeping NFL,’” Stark said. “His advice to the younger players tonight? Become a trending topic. Go make a name for yourself on national TV. He said, ‘We are huge underdogs, no one is giving us a chance. These are my kind of odds. Let’s go shock some people.’”

Former Packers Receiver Greg Jennings Had Some Thoughts About Aaron Rodgers’ Criticism 

Following Aaron Rodgers’ criticism, former Packers receiver Greg Jennings shared his thoughts about the comments that the long-time quarterback made. 

“You can’t do this,” Jennings told Fox Sports about Aaron Rodgers. “You can’t sit down on a show and start talking about who should and shouldn’t be playing because of mental errors.”

Jennings previously called Aaron Rodgers a “very selfish guy over salary demands earlier this year.” He also declared in a video on Twitter that Rodgers just has to play better. 

“The answer is in their locker room right now,” Jennings said on Twitter. “I don’t know if they can fix it by bringing someone in, primarily because I don’t trust and believe that they will bring someone in. All of us see that they need help at the wide receiver position, but who can you truly bring in that will solidify that No. 1 position and allow them to thrive the way that we’ve seen them in the past with Davante Adams being their No. 1?”

Jennings went on to add that while receivers understand they have to make players, Aaron Rodgers also has to play better. “This team is not yet out of it, but when you look at their schedule and you look at who they have up next — the Buffalo Bills, then the Cowboys, the Philadelphia Eagles are still on their list, the Rams, Dolphins — they have an uphill climb that if they don’t strap in, this could get ugly. Will it? I believe it all depends on how old No. 12 deals with everything.”