Packers Coach Matt LaFleur Urges Fans Not to Do ‘The Wave’ While Team Is on Offense

by Thad Mitchell

The Green Bay Packers and their head coach, Matt LeFleur have high expectations for the upcoming 2021 NFL regular season. Now the coach has a somewhat unusual request of the team’s rabid fan base.

LeFleur would like Packers fans to stop doing “The Wave” while the team’s offense is on the field. The wave has been around the ages and is a staple of most large sporting events. Packer fans have been doing the wave since Lambeau field puts seats in the stadium. If you are unfamiliar with the wave, it can best be described as a fan participation activity designed to engage the crowd in rooting for the home team. Here is a video of Packers fans participating in the long-held sports tradition:

But, LeFluer would rather Packers fans do the wave when the team is on defense and the offense is on the sideline.

“But, certainly, when you’re on offense and it’s a third-down situation, I’d rather not hear the ‘Go Pack Go’ chant and, when we’re on offense, I’d rather not see ‘The Wave,’” he says in his latest press conference. “I’d rather see that when we’re on defense.”

Packers Fans and The Wave

Known as one of the NFL’s most loyal fan bases, Packers fans may not agree with LeFleur’s assessment. Doing the wave is as American as apple pie and, well — football.

“We’re going to have some talks with some people in our building about how we can help educate our fans in certain situations,” The head coach says. “But I love our fans, first and foremost. I think we have the best fans in the National Football League. The support they show when we’re at home, when we’re on the road, is second to none. So, I always want to start out with that before I become critical of them.”

Oh boy. The Packers coach may have just stepped in it with that sentence. If there is anything fans hate as much as losing — it’s criticism of their fan hood.

With a perennial MVP candidate at quarterback in Aaron Rodgers and a solid roster, the Packers believe they will go far. Last year’s Packers squad advanced all the way to the NFC championship game but fell to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tom Brady and the Bucs would advance to the Super Bowl and defeat the Kansas City Chiefs. It left a sour taste in the mouths of the Green Bay Packers and their huge fan base. Now, the head coach is requesting a favor from the team’s loyal fans. It is a strange request and it will be interesting to see how fans respond to it.

Yes, the wave may be a distraction to players on the field. But is it worth ticking off your team’s enormous and dedicated fan base?

It appears that the Packers’ headman is about to find out one way or the other.