Packers Fans Upset After Jordan Love’s Mom Given Seat on Last Row of Stadium

by Chase Thomas

Due to Aaron Rodgers not being available to play this week at Arrowhead against the Kansas City Chiefs, a former first-round pick and ostensible heir-apparent Jordan Love got the opportunity of a lifetime to start at quarterback for the Green Bay Packers against the vaunted Kansas City Chiefs.

This was a gigantic moment for the former Utah State star. Remember, there were a lot of questions surrounding whether or not Love would be the guy in Green Bay in week 1 to start the season for the Packers as Rodgers was nowhere to be found as the offseason stalemate between the former Cal Golden Bear and the front office grew frostier by the day.

However, Rodgers eventually reported and the Packers have been rolling ever since. With just one loss heading into their road game against KC this week, Love was thrust into a rather large moment. The Packers are Super Bowl contenders in the NFC. Every win matters as they fight for home-field advantage come playoff time. The NFC North, outside of Green Bay, is a trainwreck, so the division is already well in hand, but Love, who still figures to be the guy long-term like Rodgers was for Favre, needed to show out against Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs in this one.

Where Did Jordan Love’s Family Sit?

Because this was Love’s first start in his young NFL career, it made sense that his family would attend. What went viral was where his family ended up sitting at Arrowhead. They were in the nosebleeds. And, when we say nosebleeds, we mean they were way up there. Like, the last row of the stadium up there.

While the seats were brutal for his mom and girlfriend, the relationship that the former Aggie has with his mother is delightful. According to Zach Kruse of Yahoo Sports, Love said, “Trust me, it’s crazy. My mom, she’s very awesome,” Love said Friday. “She’s been doing that since college when I was redshirting as a freshman, knowing I’m not even suiting up to see the field, she was there. I tell her, ‘You know I’m not playing, you don’t have to go out of your way to come to these games.’ She’s like, ‘No, I’m going to be there. I want to see you.’ So, that’s been awesome. She’s been at every game. It’s nice to know she’s there. I try to look for her in the stands. It’s an awesome feeling. She’s great. She’s amazing. Just shows how much she loves me and cares about me to be there.”

How cool is that? While the Chiefs may not have given Love’s family the best tickets, and while the 13-7 result was not what the family and Love and Packer fans hoped for, it’s clear there is more to this family. It’s cool that this family is as close as they are. Love’s mom was just happy to be there rooting for her son in the freezing cold.