Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers Admits Use of Painkillers During NFL Game

by Patrick Norton

Aaron Rodgers is many things: Super Bowl winner, four-time MVP and owner of Chicago’s Soldier Field. However, Green Bay’s quarterback isn’t exactly the poster child for the NFL. His recent admission to using Ayahuasca certainly raised some eyebrows, and his refusal to receive the COVID-19 vaccine garnered a mixed reaction from fans.

However, in an interview on Spotify’s Joe Rogan Experience, Rodgers took his truthful sentiment to another level. In discussing how rampant painkiller usage runs throughout the league, the quarterback divulged his personal use of Percocet.

Rogan seems aghast at the notion that players actually play while under the effects of painkillers. But Rodgers calmly explains it’s a common occurrence throughout the game. However, he did not elaborate on specific instances of his usage of the drug. He did mention a level of regret for improperly addressing his pain.

The idea of Rodgers playing while under the influence of Percocet has many fans scrambling to determine the specific games. Many have theorized that the injury sustained against the Chicago Bears in Week 1 of the 2018 regular season would have created debilitating consequences for an ordinary man.

However, after taking the full force of an interior defensive lineman on his knee and requiring a cart to the locker room, Rodgers returned for the second half. The Packers stormed back from a 17-point deficit to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. The quarterback seemingly operated on one leg.

But it’s his post-game presser with hints of a southern drawl that led some folks to believe it’s possibly the game Rodgers was referring to while on Rogan’s podcast.

Green Bay finished 6-9-1, failing to make the playoffs, while Rodgers attempted to manage his severe knee pain throughout the season.

Aaron Rodgers & the Packers in 2022-2023 Season

Packers fans don’t seem quite sold on Jordan Love’s quarterbacking abilities. But while Green Bay’s first-round selection struggles against preseason pressure, he receives praise from Rodgers and his coaching staff.

However, fans still riddled with concern should focus more on the idea of the wasted first-round selection. With Aaron Rodgers’ three-year extension inked in the offseason, No. 12 sticks around in Green Bay through at least 2024. Jordan Love requires the organization to pick up his fifth-year rookie option if he wants to stick around for 2024 with Rodgers.

The botched situation reflects poorly on the organization but does bode well for fans in angst watching Love’s exhibitions. The status quo means a run for gold in Green Bay, and it still starts with Aaron Rodgers.