Packers Running Back A.J. Dillon Nearly Ejected From Lambeau Field by Oblivious Police Officer

by Dustin Schutte

After the season he enjoyed in 2021, you’d think Green Bay Packers running back A.J. Dillon would be a pretty recognizable face inside Lambeau Field. Apparently, that’s not always the case.

Over the weekend, Dillon attended an exhibition soccer match between FC Bayer Munich and Manchester City inside his home stadium. During a rain delay, the third-year running back decided to amp up the fans by making his way down to field level.

Things took an interesting turn when Dillon’s feet hit the ground, though. An oblivious police officer monitoring the crowd clearly didn’t know the Packers running back, trying to grab him when he got to the field.

Clearly, the officer didn’t watch enough NFL football last year.

Dillon kept his cool after the police officer appeared to get a little aggressive. The running back then took to Twitter to call it a “misunderstanding.”

The running back said that two security guards asked him to go to field level so he could do the “Lambeau Leap.” Apparently, the officer on the ground didn’t get the message.

“Just miscommunication between parties, the @GBPolice are great people and I’m glad we have them down there for our games to keep us safe,” Dillon wrote. “Standing there in the pouring rain with all those people it’s hard to know what’s going on with just one. All good.”

It’s great that both parties seem to be on the same team. In the future, I’m guessing this officer will know Dillon when he sees him again, and probably won’t give the running back such a hard time.

A.J. Dillon Always Shows Fans Love at Lambeau Field

This weekend’s soccer match isn’t the first time A.J. Dillon has attempted to appease the fans at Lambeau Field. Earlier this year, the Packers star decided to take a quick break from a commercial shoot to surprise the Green Bay faithful.

Dillon surprised fans on a tour of the stadium, dressed in his game-day uniform. It was an additional benefit for fans, meeting one of last year’s breakout stars in-person.

That’s a pretty cool moment.

Dillon’s second year in Green Bay was a strong one. He rushed for 803 yards and five touchdowns during the regular season and also had 313 receiving yards and two additional scores.

If he produces another strong season in 2022, fans and security alike will have no trouble identifying Dillon. Even if he’s on the field during a soccer match.