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Paige Spiranac Asks Fans If Their Brackets Are ‘Dumpster Fire’ Along with Basketball Court Pic

by Charles Craighill
(Photo by David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

March Madness is back, and this year it has already proven every bit as crazy as we hoped. Within hours of the tournament starting, almost every bracket has busted. Paige Spiranac definitely knows her bracket doesn’t stand a chance anymore. She joked about her failed bracket in a hilarious Twitter post yesterday.

“Is everyone else’s bracket a dumpster fire too?” Paige Spiranac wrote in her Twitter post. She also included a photo of her wearing a knotted tank top, some athletic spandex shorts, and holding a basketball. She also used this picture in a recent Instagram post in which she asked a similar question. However, she showed a bit more optimism at that point in the tournament.

“Love me some college basketball!” Paige Spiranac said in that particular Instagram post caption. “Have you filled your bracket out yet? Who do you have winning?”

March Madness Breaks Paige Spiranac’s Bracket

Now that the Big Dance is in full swing, the upsets have come flowing. Paige Spiranac is not alone in having a busted bracket. In fact, zero perfect brackets remain after the second round of the tournament. That’s right, out of the roughly 20 million brackets filled out for this tournament, zero made it through two rounds of the tournament.

Really, ever since Oral Roberts defeated Ohio State in one of the very first games of the tournament, the only %.04 of the brackets remained perfect. After the first round, which saw a number of upsets including a 12th seed, a 13th seed, and a 15th seed winning, only 121 brackets remained in contention. All hopes for a perfect bracket disappeared in the second round after 15 seed Oral Roberts won again, 12 seed Oregon State won again, and 8 seed Loyola Chicago knocked off the number 1 seed Illinois.

All brackets aside, this year’s edition of the NCAA Tournament has exceeded expectations for the drama and the excitement that March Madness brings. As we have seen time and time again, seeding doesn’t matter once March comes around. Giants fall, Cinderellas rise. A fifteen seed has just as good of a chance as a one seed of going the distance. Well, not exactly, but if the last couple of days have told us anything, it’s that nobody is safe. So, yes, Paige Spiranac, everyone else’s bracket is a dumpster fire at this point.