Paige Spiranac Blasts People Who ‘Complain About Athletes Being Robots’

by Matthew Wilson

Paige Spiranac is defending pro golfer Max Homa off the green from criticism as much as she cheered him on during the PGA Genesis Tour. Spiranac is blasting online golf fans for criticizing Homa after a recent tweet about a Tiger Woods tribute.

In a tweet, Homa said he didn’t plan to wear red and black in tribute to Woods. But he planned to honor the pro golfer in his own way after Woods was injured in a car wreck. Afterward, several users criticized the golfer. Now, Spiranac is coming to his defense on social media.

On Twitter, Spiranac wrote in defense of Homa: “We constantly complain about athletes being robots and wanting them to show personality but then you go and attack someone like Max Homa over something that shouldn’t be an issue. If you want athletes to be more real on social media then don’t be on them about every little thing.”

Paige Spiranac Also Supported Max Homa During the PGA

Previously, Spiranac also cheered Homa on during the PGA Genesis Tour. Homa ultimately won the prize, beating out his competition. In response, Spiranac made the tongue-in-cheek joke: “Max is taking that trophy Homa.”

As far as why fans are upset, several pro golfers planned to wear red and black to support Tiger Woods. Woods was involved in a car accident with major injuries to his right leg. But the golfer is expected to recover. In a tweet, Homa revealed that he didn’t plan to wear the golfer’s colors during an upcoming tee-off.

On Twitter, he wrote, “I unfortunately didn’t pack any red and black for this road trip (obviously didn’t know the news til arriving), so I will try and pay my respects to TW tomorrow with some really great final round #golf. Hope to see a lot of red and black out there!”

In response, several users criticized Homa as dissing Woods. One user wrote: “Max is a good guy and a great Twitter follow, but this is a classless tweet, you made all that money last week because of Tiger, go buy the shirt and pants.”

Another commented, “The more I think about this tweet the more it pisses me off. If your agent is unable to produce the colors with your logos by Sunday, you need a new agent! PERIOD!”

Now, Spiranac is commenting on the mini backlash and telling social media users to knock it off and leave Homa alone.