Paige Spiranac Cranks Impressive Drive on Golf Simulator While Rocking All-White Outfit

by Charles Craighill

Throughout the winter and during the pandemic, golfers look for ways to get their golfing fix. Some still find a way to brave the elements and get out on the course. Others, however, like Paige Spiranac, have turned to virtual golf. In a recent video posted to her Instagram, Spiranac absolutely cranks a drive straight down the pipe on a golf simulator.

“There are a lot of courses I haven’t played yet,” Paige Spiranac says in her Instagram post. “So it’s fun that I get to play them at X Golf America! They have so many famous courses in their database from around the world you can play. What’s one golf course that’s on your bucket list?”

It’s safe to say a round of golf with Paige Spiranac at any course is on a fair amount of golfers’ bucket lists. With that said, not many could keep up with that drive. She rocks an all white outfit from shirt to shoes in the Instagram video. This get-up emphasizes the magenta golf glove on her left hand.

Paige Spiranac Promotes Golf Simulators

While it’s hard to tell which course she is playing in the video, it is clear that the drive was pumped. The realistic graphics and flight path that the simulator offers seem about as close to the real thing as it gets. And with options to play dozens of famous courses at your fingertips, who wouldn’t want to spend some time on the virtual links?

With golf simulators becoming more and more available, we have seen some really cool in-home setups. Similar to the one Paige Spiranac plays on in the video, you really only need the sheet, the mat, and the simulator. However, some golf fanatics have dedicated garages, basements, and even living rooms to improving their game.

Golf simulators can range in price depending on the extent of their function. For instance, the simpler simulators will just give the distance, club speed, and ball speed. Some of the higher-end simulators like the one Paige Spiranac uses in the video let you virtually play many courses. These include some that the PGA Tour plays on. For all of those that say “golf isn’t a sport,” I challenge you to try some of these golf simulators and see if you can keep up with the pros.