WATCH: Paige Spiranac Crushes 6 Non-Stop Iron Shots in Eye-Catching All-White Outfit

by Emily Morgan

Everyone may be focused on football ahead of Sunday’s Super Bowl, but Paige Spiranac stays focused on golf.

On Saturday, the former golf pro and social media personality posted an impressive clip to her Instagram that showed he practicing her spectacular golf swing.

In addition, she donned white matching yoga pants and a top that perfectly put her stunning physique on display.

“The big game is tomorrow,” she captioned the video. “One of my favorite bets is what color Gatorade is going to be poured on the coach at the end. What do you think?”

Paige Spiranac Gets Honest About Looks On Podcast

It’s no mystery as to why the 27-year-old has racked up nearly three million Instagram followers. Besides being a talented athlete, she’s also known for her skin-tight outfits that show off her curves.

During an episode of her “Playing A Round” podcast, Spiranac talked about a buttoned-up look she wore to a business meeting and how the dress code drastically changed as the days passed.

“I think it was because the first day I didn’t have to do any content, and so we started to have content back-to-back, and so, I even told you too, I was like, I need to know when we’re filming because I dress very differently, present myself very differently when I am just doing a normal Zoom meeting with colleagues compared to when we’re shooting content,” Spiranac said.

Spiranac also added, “So if I have something after, I think that’s why the shirt got a little lower.”

Last week, Spiranac grabbed her follower’s attention yet again. This time, she revealed something other than a plunging neckline: a competition where three fans could win the chance to play a round of golf with her.

“Do you want to play a round of golf with me?” she began the caption. “Well here’s your chance. To celebrate my new partnership with @pointsbetUSA we will be flying out 3 winners to play a round of golf with me! I’m so excited to be joining Pointsbet and be on the lookout for all of the sports betting content coming soon!”

Spiranac also recently made headlines after defending her colleague Patrick Reed after he was accused of cheating.