Paige Spiranac Declares ‘Sports Are the Best’ After Crazy Alabama-UCLA Basketball Finish

by Halle Ames

Former professional golfer Paige Spiranac says that is on everyone’s mind after watching the Alabama game, and that’s that “sports are the best.” 

They are, Paige. They truly are. 

The 28-year-old Colorado native notes how fabulous the sports world is in reference to the nail-biter game between Alabama and UCLA. 

Here is a recap via ESPN.

Alabama vs UCLA

UCLA, who was an 11-seed team coming into yesterday’s matchup, was the obvious underdog compared to the No. 2 seed Alabama. Regardless, UCLA came out strong, leading the game by 11 points after the first half. 

Alabama wasn’t going to go down easy, however. They charged back in the second half, coming within mere points of UCLA. 

With only four seconds left, Alabama was down by three. The Crimson Tide quickly stormed down the court and passed the ball to Alex Reese, who drained a three from well outside the arc. The buzzer-beater shot sent the two teams into overtime. 

Free basketball for the lucky fans in attendance. 

Alabama’s team stormed the court in celebration, prompting the Twitter world to explode with March Madness tweets. This is where Paige Spiranac comes into play. 

She posted the 22-second clip with the caption “sports are the best.” 

Professional Athletes Chime In

Other star athletes also chimed in on the intense game as well. 

LeBron James posted, “WOW!!!!!! #MarchMadness.”

Seahawks safety Jamal Adams also responded, commenting on Reese’s confidence. 

“#3 knew it, before it left his hand…BIG TIME SHOT!!! #Prez.” and then another post that said, “Have to luv #MarchMadness !!!! #Prez.”

UCLA Advances to Elite Eight

However, despite the impressive comeback, the UCLA Bruins proved to be too dominant for the Alabama Crimson Tide. They upset Alabama with a final score of 88 to 78. 

After the game, UCLA celebrated with a team dance party for the cameras. 

Perfect, we were in need of learning some new dance moves. 

Tomorrow they advance to the Elite Eight and take on the No. 1 seed, the Michigan Wolverines. That game begins at 8:57 p.m. CT. 

We are sure that Paige Spiranac as well as other star athletes won’t miss this game. You better clear your Tuesday schedule to make sure you don’t either!