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Paige Spiranac Defends Justin Thomas After Tape of Homophobic Slur Went Viral

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

Golfer and online influencer Paige Spiranac has taken to Twitter to make her thoughts about Justin Thomas’ recent hot mic blunder known. In replies to fans and critics on Twitter, Spiranac has walked the line between supporting Thomas and condemning his actions.

One Twitter user defended Thomas saying, “You want hot mic’s [sic] this is what you get. Raw emotion. Doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy.”

Paige Spiranac laid out her opinion in a reply.

She stated that you could show raw emotion without being racist or homophobic. Spiranac went on to say that she did not believe that Justin Thomas should be canceled. She concluded that no one should ever defend the word he used.

In another reply, Paige Spiranac said that the word is offensive and should never be used.

Paige Spiranac is No Stranger to Fighting Bullying

Paige Spiranac isn’t just stepping into the conversation for the clout. She has a passion for standing up against bullying, especially cyberbullying and online hate. She has been on the receiving end of bullying throughout her life as well as in her golfing career. Her Twitter contains several instances of her speaking out and clapping back at her critics.

In fact, Spiranac is an official ambassador for The Cybersmile Foundation. The foundation works to spread positivity online as well as offering support to victims of cyberbullying.

In a press release The Cybersmile Foundation said, “With over a million followers across her digital media platforms, Paige’s growing social influence and prominence in mainstream media has made her a voice for her generation. She will be joining Cybersmile to help us raise awareness of cyberbullying and our support resources to encourage positivity amongst internet users.”

Because of this partnership, it is easy to see why she would take the stance she did. It is only natural for her to speak out about the use of slurs. At the same time, she knows the importance of spreading positivity and not targeting an individual.