Paige Spiranac Drops Stunning New Pic for ‘Haters to Dry Their Tears With’

by Chris Haney

On Wednesday afternoon, former pro golfer Paige Spiranac posted a stunning new photo for her “haters” leading up to the 2021 Masters Tournament.

One of the PGA’s most popular tournaments, if not the most popular, is coming up next week. The famous course at Augusta National Golf Club is one of the four major championships in men’s professional golf. As always, the annual tourney that tees off each April from Augusta, Georgia is the first major of the year.

To celebrate the huge golfing event, Paige Spiranac made sure to break out her own green jacket during a recent photoshoot. Since 1949, it’s been a tradition in Augusta that a green jacket is awarded to each champion. Spiranac may not have won The Masters, but she showed off her own take on the famous tradition.

As is typical on her posts, the former golfer with more than 3 million Instagram followers, receives a lot of backlash for her revealing photos. But Spiranac seems to be taking it in stride and even turned the criticism back on her haters with her latest post.

“No one will ever take you seriously if you keep posting pictures with cleavage,” Paige Spiranac wrote in reference to comments she receives often.

“So here’s to continuing doing what I want 😘. I made some towels with this image and other prints inspired by The Masters! Link in bio if you want to buy or for the haters to dry their tears with,” she hilariously added.

Additionally, Spiranac is selling a series of four microfiber towels inspired by Augusta National. For those that are interested, you can check the towels out and order them on the collection’s website.

Paige Spiranac Received ‘Bizarre’ Death Threats After She Suggested Tournament Change

Criticism is commonplace to Paige Spiranac. However, there is never an excuse for vile death threats like she received recently.

On March 27, the former golfer tweeted an idea that one major tournament out of four should use match play rules. She shared the suggestion after watching the World Matchplay tournament this past weekend. Spiranac loves match play, and has even voiced that it’s her favorite form of play in golf.

The majority of fans agreed with her and thought it was a solid suggestion. Unfortunately for Spiranac, social media can be a dark place. In addition to those that concurred, others sent disgusting messages that went beyond disagreeing.

“Yesterday, because I love match play, I said one major should be match play on Twitter and a lot of people were agreeing,” Paige Spiranac said on her Instagram story.

“Then Golf Memes posted it on Instagram and people were roasting me. It wasn’t like ‘no’ it was outrageous, actually it was pretty funny,” she added. “Obviously it’s a hypothetical and it’s never going to happen. So don’t hate me or tell me to kill myself over this — which is also what was happening which is bizarre in itself.”